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16th World Vegetarian Congress 1960

Hannover and Hamburg, Germany
North Americans at the Congress

  • Obituary - Mrs Clarence Gasque - IVU President, died a few months before the Congress
  • Front Cover - of the Congress Special edition of The British Vegetarian, featuring a photo of the new IVU President, Mr Woodland Kahler

Left to right: Miss R..Playle (Canadian V.U.), Mr.C.Mayo (Friends VS) and Miss Dullege (Canada)

from Congress Reports:

We welcome the appointment as President of Mr. Woodland Kahler, of America, France and India, where he has his three homes. Mr. Kahler is well known for his deep and thoughtful literary contri-butions to vegetarian literature and is also the author of several novels, "best sellers" in America and France. Free to travel and give his time to furthering the aims of The I.V.U., he is welcomed as a very worthy successor to our late President, and will, we know, bring his enthusiasm to the work and uphold the high standard set by his predecessors.

It should be noted in the Minutes, please, that "Individual Members" as such are no longer recognised in The I,V.U. - this followed a strong protest from The American Vegetarian Union that such admissions robbed National Societies of potential members. It believed that people should subscribe to their local or national organi-zations and a proportion of their donations be received by The I.V.U. as affiliation fees. However, the Rules leave it open for individuals to subscribe direct to The I.V.U. and such patrons will receive all communications.

from the General Secretary's Report:

The period under review has been overshadowed by the sudden loss of our generous patron and President, Mrs. Clarence Gasque, of America. Her financial help over many years enabled The I.V.U. to increase its work and have offices with a paid staff in London.

The appointment of a Regional Secretary in America was not very successful and the office appears to have lapsed, but if, as we hope new arrangements can be made, we feel sure that The Union can help to give an impetus to the American vegetarian movement - as you may know suffers somewhat from the enormous distances between the various centres

The following societies and organisations are now affiliated to The I.V.U.

- Canadian Vegetarian Union
- Calgary Unit Vegetarian Union
- Toronto Unit Vegetarian Union

American Vegetarian Union
Chicago Vegetarian Society
Vegetarian Society of Michigan
Vegetarian Society of New York

Minutes of the Business Meetings

In the presence of representatives from . . . Canada, . . . and United States of America.

In her opening remarks the Chairman said her first duty was to propose a resolution that messages of sympathy be sent to relatives of Mrs Clarence Gasque (late President), [and others]. The resolution was adopted and the Meeting stood in Silent Tribute to their memory.

Messages of good wishes and apologies for absence were read from . . . Mr Woodland Kahler

Election of Officers for a term of office - the following were elected unanimously:

PRESIDENT: Mr Woodland Kahler BA (USA, France and India)
The following cable was read from Mr Kahler: "I feel pleased and honored to hear of my election as President and will do my best to merit the confidence placed in me. Greetings and best wishes to all Delegates and visitors attending the 16th World Vegetarian Congress in Germany. Let us help the world to awaken from its nightmare to a happier reality."

Vice Presidents (re-elected):-
Mr C Freshel (USA)
Dr W McGregor (USA)
Prof Scott Nearing (USA)
Prof H B Stevens (USA)
Dr Lowell Fillmore (USA)
Mr S H Linnio (USA)
Dr J Maxwell (USA)

Vice Presidents elected:
Miss Ruth Playle (Canada), Dr Jesse Mercer Gehman (USA), . . .

Regional Secretaries Appointed: Mr J N Mankar (India and the East), Dr Jesse Mercer Gehman (The Americas)

Mr C. Freshel's suggestion that a Congress be held in America under the auspices of the Millenium Guild was agreed with the proviso that, since very few nations could afford to send representatives to America, such a Congress should not have power to transact I.V.U. business and that such a Regional Congress should be in close collaboration with the American Vegetarian Union and the I.V.U.'s Regional Secretary for the Americas.