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16th World Vegetarian Congress 1960

Hannover and Hamburg, Germany

From The Brtitish Vegetarian Nov/Dec 1960:


Some members of the British Vegetarian Youth Movement photographed en route to Gromitz.

August, 1960, will remain in the memory of the eleven members of the B.V.Y.M. who travelled to Germany to attend the first International Camp since the formation of Intervega in 1958. This camp was organised by Jurgen Netzband - Secretary of the Deutschen Reform Jugend - and his wife Veronika.

Even the night and morning spent on boats - caused by the seamen's strike, which only affected our crossing from Harwich harbour - together with the mal de mer of our leader, did not dampen the spirits of the party, which eventually arrived on the Baltic coast in glorious sunshine on Sunday, August 14th, 1960.

The first part of the holiday was spent under canvas with our 240 German and 2 Dutch colleagues and during this time we had several very hot days when we spent most of our time sunbathing on the nearby beach, or swimming- starting the day with an early morning dip at 6.45. Numerous journeys were made along the coastal dyke into Grömitz, a small, unspoilt resort, where we passed time window-shopping, playing obstacle golf, or just walking on the cliff-tops.

Reform Jugend - busy preparing for their own programme at Hamburg - spent much of their time singing and practising instrumentally, under the direction of Robert Gödtz, and we joined in whenever possible - "The Drunken Sailor" being chosen for us as the British contribution!

After ten days the whole camp made its way to Hamburg, where we attended the Public Meetings of the I.V.U. Congress. While there we stayed In the Youth Hostel-like Jugendpark Langenhorn, from where we travelled to and from daily by a tram especially hired for this purpose.

During this holiday we learned about the differences of outlook towards vegetarianism between Reform Jugend and ourselves, and we had many interesting and informal discussions together.

After a busy morning shopping in Hamburg, we left the Hauptbanhof on August 29th, and were this time disappointed to discover that we were unable to get berths and had to spend the night in the Hook. After a smooth crossing, we reached London late evening of August 30th and departed on our various ways home.