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17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963
Barcelona, Spain

A.Riera Paul

There was, in 1860, a group of vegetarians , who also made use of water to treat their ailments, under the guise of a physician, known as "the physician of the water".

In 1907 Mr Santiveri, with doctors José Falp, Joaquín Collet, Raimundo Comer, Fargas, and Salvador Badía, agreed in organising a Vegetarian Society and publishing a magazine to spread the Nature Cure movement, as well as having a vegetarian banquet as a start of its propaganda.

With the co-operation of Mr S.Marti Puig, the first vegetarian banquet was held at the Palace Hotel in Barcelona. As we read in Natura magazine, more than 500 people took part.

Apart from the City authorities present, a good number of physicians also attended, among them, doctors Ricardo Botey, Pedro Villar, Alfredo Opisso, Ramón Pallejá, José Afruns, J.Andreu, Pau Morer, J.Roviralta, Javier de Benavent, Jaime Queraltó, A. Carbonell, Francisco Daltabuit, Raúl de Bando, P. Balari, Angel Olivé, Falp, Plana, Dorca, Bertrán, Borrás and others.

1908. - The first Vegetarian Society was founded in Barcelona under the name of "Liga Vegetariana de Cataluña," and a magazine was published under the title, Revista Vegetariana Naturalista.

The Association's Directive Board was formed by Dr. José Falp, President; Dr. Ricardo Botey, Vice-President; Dr. Comet, Bibliotecary; Dr. C. Rivals, Accountant; Mr. Santivery, Treasurer; Dr. J. Collet and Dr. J. Anfruns in charge of the Scientific Department; plus Drs. Opisso, Badía, Pi, Gibert, F. Daltabuit, G. Febrés, and V. Roca as trustees. Director of magazine, Dr. José Falp, and manager of the same, Mr. Jaime Santiveri.

1909. - In agreement with Mr. Santiveri, the first Vegetarian Guest House was founded in Barcelona, at Rambla de las Flores number 15, under the management of Mr. Fenosa; then the Vegetarian Restaurant at the Mundial Palace, managed by Mr. Serra.

1910 - The Vegetarian League of Cataluña took an active part in a Pedagogic Congress for Primary School held in Barcelona; its thesis being expounded and extolled by Mr. J. Santiveri, Dr. J. Falp and Mr. Langlais du Feu.

1911.- Some disagreements and differences due to antagonistic interests between Science and Commerce, caused the separation of the directors of the league; thus, doctors Joaquin Collet and Francisco Daltabuit, and Mr. Sebastian Llobet and Mr. Jaime Santiveri, left the Society or League and founded another magazine under the title, Credo Naturalista.

Dr. Falp established in Barcelona the second Health Food Store. The first one was founded in 1893 under the name " Farmacia Kneipp," established by Don Jaime Santiveri de Pinies.

1912. - Doctors Daltabuit, R. Comet and Fargas, together with Mr. J. Santiveri and Mr. A. Chaimet. founded the Association Natura and the magazine Credo Naturalista continued as Natura.

1914-1918. - During the winter of 1914-15. at Casa Antünez's beach, was originated an Eugenic Naturist Group named .Amics Del Sol (in Catalan: Sun's Friends), with a large proportion of vegetarians among its members. This group had neither rules, Directive Board, nor a social meeting place: they met at any place in the city, country. beach, or mountain at the initiative of any of its members. They took their group decisions, and all expenses were paid through voluntary donations.

During that period of time between 1914 and 1918 new vegetarian enthusiasts came to the city of Barcelona, such as: Professor Vander, Strittmatter, Hosmaan, Ferrándiz, Mora, Gimeno and several other physicians sympathising with vegetarianism such as: doctors Cassalé Sanz, V. Marti; Father Angelats from the Saint Joaquim's Convent in the Guinardó, and others.

1919. - Professor Vander put into circulation La Salud (Health), a magazine for Natural Medicine.
Also constituted was the "Sociedad Vegetariano-Naturista de Cataluña," at the building of the Instituto Hispanoamericano, started by Dr. V. L. Ferrándiz. The first Board of Directors was formed by: Don José Corominas, don Ismael Simó, don Manuel Mascarell, don Victoriano Bosch, don Salvador Salat, don Teófilo Piñon, don Pedro Mora, don J. Balcells, doña Tecla Carbo-nell, doña Maria Giménez, and Miss Angela Biel.

1920. - Father Angelats, from the Convent of St. Joaquim in the Guinardó, started publishing Naturoterapia with Raw Food Vegetarianism, hydro-therapy and phytotherapy (herbs) as a basis. This very good and kind man died within a "cheka" or communist prison in 1938, in Barcelona.

During this same year-1920, the publication of the magazine, Naturisrno, commenced as organ of the Sociedad Vegetariano-Naturista de Cataluna and of the Instituto Naturista Hispanoamericano.

The Instituto Naturista Ferrándiz was also founded to give instruction in Naturism, Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Naturotherapy, Massage, Vegetarian Cookery, Natural History, etc.

In June of the same year there was a trip to the country in Montealegre. Its aim, to give foundation to a Federation in Catalonia. Members of the Sociedad Vegetariano-Naturista de Cataluña were joined by groups from Clot, San Andrés, "Amics del Sol," and several other groups from Barcelona, Masnou, Mataró, Sabadell, Tarrasa, Alella, Premid de Mar and Castellar del Vallés; also the Vegetarian Group from Plá de Cabra (Tarragona), and societies from Gerona, Lérida, Tortosa and from other towns.

In September the Sociedad Vegetariano-Naturista de Cataluña, had a meeting and lunch in Las Planas, to which all the groups in Barcelona and its province attended.

In November, the group "Amics del Sol" organised a literary festival for vegetarian propaganda in the Familiar Instructive Centre in Las Corts (one of Barcelona's quarters). To this meeting, many vegetarians, Esper-antists and others attended, filling the place to capacity.

1921. - The Sociedad Vegetariano-Naturista de Cataluña published a physiatric magazine entiteld Regeneracio.

1922. - The Sorribas Health Food Products House published its first issue of magazine Hesperzs.

1923. - The Instituto Naturista Ferrándiz started publishing the Salud y Vida magazine (which is still being published).

1924. - The Ferrándiz Rest House was founded in Solanas, half-way between San Feliu de Codinas and Caldas de Montbuy, with a fully vegetarian diet, and with natural methods of healing applied to patients. This enterprise continued until 1940.

1925. - "Naturist-Trophologist" Professors J. Castro and N. Capo, arrived from America and opened their "Escuela Naturo-Trofoldgica." Dr. Ferrándiz established a vegetarian restaurant in 49 Caspe Street.

1926. - The Instituto Fisiatra de Enfermedades Crónicas y de la Infancia, started publication of a magazine entitled La Salud del Niño (Child's Health). Also, the Consultorio naturista Mental, published its magazine Temperancia.

1928. - Dr. V. L. Ferrándiz opened another vegetarian restaurant with guest house in Ronda de la Universidad 4, later transformed into hotel (Hotel Alicante). After the years of the Spanish war, was closed. In June of 1928, the Federacion Naturista de Cataluña was formed.

1929. - 8th to the 15th of September, and within the quarters of the Exposicion Internacional de Barcelona, the Fourth Spanish Naturist Congress was held.

The Naturistic Movement was continually being enriched with new elements and further progress until 1930 and Barcelona had vegetarian groups in all its districts: Sans, Las Corts, Sarrid, Gracia, Horta, San Andrés, San Marti, El Clot, etc.

1931.-The Sociedad Vegetariano-Naturista de Cataluña is dissolved and the Sociedad Naturista de Barcelona was created.

(Here comes the parenthesis of the years of the war in Spain and post-war first years.)

1943. - The magazine Salud y Vida started a second epoch, again under the direction of Dr. V. L. Ferrándiz, editor and publisher.

1961. - Professor J. Cervera succeeded in constituting the Asociacion Vegetariana de Barcelona at the Instituto Naturista Ferrándiz's headquarters.

The Instituto Naturista Ferrándiz, with the co-operation of other organisations and associations, and doctors and practitioners in several countries, organised and held in June, the First World Congress of the Natural Healing Arts, with sessions at the Palace of Reales Atarazanas. Doctors and practitioners from many countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and from Australia attended.

1963 - From June 23rd to 29th in Barcelona the 17th World Congress of The International Vegetarian Union with delegates from many countries, and organised by the Asociación Vegetariana de Barcelona with the co-operation of other vegetarian groups, and acting as adviser Dr. V. L. Ferrándiz, Prof. Manuel Cervera as President, and Mr. Del Amo as Secretary of the Organizing Committee, took care of details pertaining to the Congress.

Final note: Having included the Nature Cure system and Naturism in Vegetarian activities, very diverse interpretations arose, and for this reason, Dr. V. L. Ferrándiz published recently an explanation, very neccessary to avoid misunderstandings, which is now reprinted as follows:

"Ignorance in some people, and ill-thinking among others, lead them to misinterpret the concept of Naturism with that of the materialistic sect or school called Naturalism as well as Nudism, and other ideologies which have no real connection with the true and genuine naturistic outlook.

Naturism is the science which investigates, studies and compares the psychophysical phenomena related to the nature of the human being, with the purpose of securing the greatest physical and spiritual benefit possible.

The aim of Naturism is to prevent and avoid all forms of disease menacing the corporal organism, and to restore it to health when this has been lost, at the same time bringing calmness and peace to the spirit and to the mind. frequently perturbated by negative emotions.

The fact that Naturism has been accepted by many people professing the most diverse ideologies or creeds does not authorise them to make use of the words Naturism or Naturist as a screen or as propaganda for their peculiar ideology or philosophy.

Today there are in Barcelona several houses or firms elaborating and selling vegetarian and dietetic products, among them: Casa Santiveri, S.A., with many branch stores, Casa Sorribas, Centro de Regimen Vegetariano Cervera, Casa Permanyer, Riera Marsá, Casa Pedro, Casa Falp, Radisson, and some more which though they have no connection amongst them, co-operate to the advancement of vegetarianism in Barcelona.

The city of Barcelona has today the honour of counting among its distinguished citizens, the Marquis and Marchioness de St. Innocent. The Excelentisimo Señor Marques de St. Innocent is President of the I.V.U. He and his charming wife intend to settle permanently in Barcelona and have bought a fine country house on the mountain of Vallvidrera.

We all feel very honoured by their choice of our town and are very proud of it. In this way, the International Vegetarian movement will have its leading representative in the beautiful Condal City (City of the Counts of Barcelona).

Our sincere welcome and best wishes for their happiness with the rest of Barcelona citizens.

NOTE: These notes about the History of Vegetarianism in Barcelona have been written by our friend A. Riera, who, in 1922, was the publisher of Eugenia magazine, and who has always been a faithful vegetarian both personally and in the spreading of its propaganda.

We thank him for the publication of this History of Vegetarianism in Barcelona, wishing that other people will co-operate with their knowledge of additional data, which might be of help to gather more complete information on this subject. - DR. V. L. FERRANDIZ.