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17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963
Barcelona, Spain

Mrs. ISABEL JAMES, B.A. (Great Britain)

I bring you warmest greetings from the members of our Association in England. This "Catering" Association is composed of those interested in the best possible preparation of vegetarian meals. We agree with Dr. Nussbaum that the spiritual and practical aspects of vegetarianism are necessary to one another.

Some of our members, after studying the important question of correct nutrition, run hotels, guest houses, or restaurants. Some travel about the country giving cookery demonstrations. Some conduct cookery courses for those wishing to learn more about our special dishes.

In the last year or so we have found growing interest in our audiences and in the general public. The Press, Radio and Television have given several members opportunities to express our views. We have answered innumerable questions about all as~ects of vegetarian diet and have distributed 17,000 copies of a special Guide containing information, addresses of our members, and favourite recipes.

It is not an easy task to change people's feeding habits. Fear and prejudices must be overcome by showing how attractive and nourish-ing our diet can be and by being ourselves healthy and full of vitality.

Each country has its own dishes and these can be adapted by using vegetarian protein foods such as nuts and beans as well as dairy produce instead of meat. There are many interesting variations available to us and we could all benefit by exchanging ideas and helping one another.

This is a great work. Together we can achieve much more than by ourselves.