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17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963
Barcelona, Spain

23 - 29 June 1963
held in Barcelona under the auspices of The Spanish Vegetarian Societies

of the Business Sessions during the period.

In the presence of Official Delegates from France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, India, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United States of America, and with representatives from Hungary, Malaya, Switzerland and Venezuela:-

CHAIRMAN: Woodland Kahler Marquis de St Innocent (President of The IVU) presided at all Sessions.

GREETINGS were announced from Societies in Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Germany, UK, and Portugal, as well as from Societies in Spain.

MINUTES of the previous meetings in Germany 1960 having been circularized were approved and signed by the Chairman (25 June 1963)

MATTERS ARISING: The General Secretary regretted he had not had time to encourage a more widespread acceptance of a Vegetarian Day and the Swedish Delegate exhibited posters used in Sweden and hoped that other Societies would print similar advertisements. The General Secretary explained that he could not do all the work previously performed by a paid staff and had only accepted the office to help in an emergency. The General Secretary submitted a draft for a Memorandum on the FAO Freedom From Hunger Campaign and requested that a small Sub-Committee should prepare a final version to be sent to the FAO immediately after the Congress. This was agreed and Dr Gordon Latto and Mrs Isabel James were appointed.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT: In the regretted absence of the Treasurer (Mr Josef Pedersen) the General Secretary (and Assistant Treasurer) presented the IVU audited Balance Sheets with a list of Affiliation fees paid in the period 31st December 1960 to 31st December 1963 which was covered in the Statement. These were approved as were the Accounts from the Secretary for India and the East (Shri J N Mankar). It was agreed that the Auditors who were re-elected (Messrs H Julius Lunt P Co, Manchester) should be offered a small fee. The General Secretary undertook to circularize the next Balance Sheets before the next Congress together with Agendas.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The following were re-elected and elected:

President: Woodland Kahler Marquis de St Innocent (re-elected)

Deputy President: Mr Geo Hiller (Germany) (re-elected)

Vice Presidents: (re-elected)
Dr B P Allinson (UK)
Dr Ralph Bircher (Switzerland)
Ven M V Dharmawara (Cambodia)
Mr Lowell Fillmore (USA)
U San Hia (Burma)
Dr Jesse Mercer Gehman (USA)
Dr Douglas Latto (UK)
Dr W Mc Gregor (USA)
Mr S H Linnio (USA)
Dr J Maxwell (USA)
In G van Nederveen (Holland)
Dr Jean Nussbaum (France)
Mr J Pedersen (Sweden)
Dr H J Rogler (Norway)
Mr Dugald Semple (UK )
Dr C Sypkens (Holland)
Mrs M D Malegamvala (India)
The Rajiturnar of Vizianagram (India)
Mrs Rukrnini Devi Arundale (India)
Dr Aldo Capitini (Italy)
Mr Oluf Egerod (Denmark)
Mr Curtis Freshel (USA)
Mr Geoffrey Hodson (New Zealand)
Mr H H Jones (UK)
Dr Gordon Latto (UK)
Mr J N Mankar (India)
Prof J de Marquette (France)
Prof Scott Nearing (USA)
Mr N Neilsen (Norway)
Mr M M Pakvasa (India)
Miss Ruth Playle (Canada)
Mr Carl Schelin (Sweden)
Prof H B Stevens (USA)
Dr M Tada (Japan)
Mr Jan Vinkenborg (Holland)

Dr Angelo da Costa Cabral (Portugal)
Mr C D Harding (Australia)
Mr B Niedzwiedz and Dr Otto Robinsohn (Israel)
Prof D Manuel Cervera Cebolla and Dr D Vicente L Ferrandiz (Spain)

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The following were re-elected:-
Dr B P Allinson, Dr Jean Nussbaum, Mr J Vinkenborg, Dr Pasteur Skriver, Dr Douglas Latto and Dr Cordon Latto, and the Rajkumar of Vizianagram. At a subsequent Committee Meeting Mrs Isabel James and Mrs Barbara Latto were co-opted to act as Hostesses arid assist in organizing the next Congress to be held in England.

Treasurer: Mr Ronald M Lightowler (UK)

General Secretary and Assistant Treasurer: Geoffrey L.Rudd was asked to continue in Office and the President paid a tribute to his work for the IVU

Regional Secretaries: Mr J N Mankar (India and The East); Dr Jesse Mercer Geliman (USA) were re-elected.

AFFILIATION of the Bombay Vegetarian Society was welcomed and approved

Bullfighting: Many requests having been received that the Congress should pass a resolution condemning bull-fighting the matter was discussed and it was agreed that it would be unseemly for the IVU to appear to criticize Spanish customs while its Member Nations still had their own national cruelties and barbarities - it was agreed the Spanish Societies should deal with this matter as they saw fit.

NEXT CONGRESS: Invitations having teen received from Denmark, India and England, and a majority vote gave England the honour of being host in 1965. The General Secretary stated that The Vegetarian Society and London Vegetarian Society would be glad to welcome such an international gathering and at a subsequent Committee Meeting said he hoped to be able to raise funds so that Official Delegates from foreign countries would have free accommodation, and that the language problem would be overcome with a simultaneous translation system.

Thanks were given to the Spanish vegetarian Societies for their kind hospitality, and to commemorate the occasion the president of The IVU presented a silver bowl suitably inscribed to the president of the Asociacion Vegetariana de Barcelona (Prof D M Cervera Cebolla), who expressed the pleasure of the Spanish Vegetarian Societies at being hosts for the 17th world Congress. Special thanks were expressed for the work of Dr D V L Ferrandiz (Asesor del Congreso) and Mr D Jose Del Arno Ribera (secretary or the Barcelona Society).

signed: Woodland de St.Innocent
29 August 1965

Geoffrey L.Rudd
General Secretary
International Vegetarian Union
Bank Square, Wilmslow, Cheshire