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17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963
Barcelona, Spain
North Americans at the Congress

from pre-Congress publicity:
. . . with the co-operation of the I.V.U. President, Woodland Kahler Marquis de St. Innocent, who now lives near Barcelona, have arranged a very interesting programme.

from Congress reports:
The Sessions commenced on Saturday, June 23rd, with registration and speeches of welcome by the I.V.U. President (Woodland Kahier, Marquis de St. Innocent), . . .

Reports were heard from Societies and visitors from . . . the United States of America.

Mr. Symond Gould (U.S.A.) was to speak on Vegetarian Health and Hygiene, his discourse seemed have a more political flavour and he was able to get himself a lot of publicity and a cartoon in the local newspaper.

from minutes of the Business Meetings:
In the presence of Official Delegates from . . . United States of America,. . .

CHAIRMAN: Woodland Kahler Marquis de St Innocent (President of The IVU) presided at all Sessions.

GREETINGS were announced from Societies in . . .Canada, . . .

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The following were re-elected and elected:
President: Woodland Kahler Marquis de St Innocent (re-elected)
Vice Presidents: (re-elected)
Mr Lowell Fillmore (USA)
Dr Jesse Mercer Gehman (USA)
Dr W Mc Gregor (USA)
Mr S H Linnio (USA)
Dr J Maxwell (USA)
Mr Curtis Freshel (USA)
Miss Ruth Playle (Canada)
Prof H B Stevens (USA)
Regional Secretaries: Mr J N Mankar (India and The East); Dr Jesse Mercer Geliman (USA) were re-elected.

from Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting during the Congress:

Present: Marquis de St.Innocent (in Chair) . .

Flowers for the I.V.U. President's wife at the farewell dinner.