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17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963
Barcelona, Spain

Delegate Report

Dr. Eugene Keleny, Hungary
(Dr. Keleny was President of the Hungarian Vegetarian Society which was dissolved in 1951)

When I last spoke three years ago in the I.V.U. Congress in Hannover (Germany), I forecast that it would take some time until conditions in Hungary develop so far that we may speak again of a living vegetarian move-ment in Hungary.

Although there is at present not yet an active vegetarian society in Hungary, I hope that at the next Congress in England I will be in the position to give account of the revival of an active and flourishing vegetarian society in Hungary.

Social and economic conditions show a great progress together with more understanding by the authorities of the practical and humanitarian aims of our movement, which will lead first to the toleration and later to the appre-ciation of the activities of the revived Hungarian Vegetarian Society.

The maiden is not dead, she is only sleeping.

Mrs. Kathleen Keleny, Friends Vegetarian Society
First I would like to thank the Barcelona vegetarians for inviting us here. One of my forefathers was Spanish and I always feel that a little of my heart belongs to Spain. Today I bring you greetings from the Friends Vegetarian Society, the Quaker vegetarians.

All Quakers believe that the spirit of goodness is in all people of all religions, all races, all nationalities, and that we should have the spirit of goodwill towards all people of all nationalities. The Q.V.S. extend that spirit of goodwill to all the creatures and feel that there is a oneness of life and spirit of unity in everything with a common bloodstream. In this spirit of unity the Q.V.S. wish to unite with you.

We feel that by meeting here together all with our different viewpoints, we are taking a helpful step forward towards living in unity. The Q.V.S. tries to speed the ethics of vegetarianism and call it "Joyous Living." The women give cookery demonstrations to help others in a practical way to live on the fruits of the earth.
Last year I went to Australia for the Q.V.S. to lecture on "Joyous Living" and give a series of cookery demonstrations. Now I give you our warm greetings of friendship and this message, and I am sure that by meet-ing in fellowship our unity of purpose will develop, and as we respond to this understanding of the oneness of all life, so shall the world cease to destroy or hurt, and all life will live joyously together.