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17th World Vegetarian Congress 1963
Barcelona, Spain

Delegate Report

Miss Monica Copinger, Nature Cure Clinic, London
This is the first time that the clinic has been represented at an I.V.U. Congress.

We are a small out-patient clinic which was established in 1928 to enable people of limited means to have Nature Cure advice and treatment. Many people cannot afford the fees of private practitioners, and Nature Cure is not available under the National Health Service. We ask very low fees, adjusted to the means of the patient, and in necessitous cases treatment is entirely free. To enable us to keep going we have a faithful body of subscribers, and we are recognised as a charity by the Inland Revenue. We have received legacies from time to time and this money is invested and the income used for the work of the clinic.

We have qualified doctors in charge of the patients, and osteopaths, physiotherapists, a teacher of relaxation, a psychotherapist and Bates prac-titioner. The doctor sees the patient first and plans the treatment.
Diet is the most important part (vegetarian of course), including fasts and eliminative diets. In addition, osteopathy or massage or other treatment may be prescribed, and colonic irrigation is available. We have a small café on the premises, where the principles of vegetarian food-reform are practically demonstrated in the form of attractive meals.

The main principle on which we were founded is humanitarianism. We use no product of animal suffering, such as injections, etc. All the practi-tioners and staff promise to uphold our principles and for 35 years we have always had such people, who will do this and also work on an "expenses only" basis. At present we badly need another doctor to give us, say, one clinic a week so that we could increase our work.
We are also always pleased to welcome new subscribers, and we should be delighted to see any of you who may be visiting London and to show you round the clinic at 13 Oldbury Place, London, W.1.

Miss Hilda Nixon, Leeds V.S. & Yorkshire Federation
I am very happy to say a few words about vegetarianism in the largest county in England, Yorkshire, in the North of the country. Leeds is a big industrial city, although Barcelona has, I understand, four times as many inhabitants. In our Leeds Vegetarian Society we have about 200 members, of whom the eldest is a young man of 95, who has been a vegetarian almost all his life. He can still walk well, ride a bicycle, swim, speak at meetings and preach in church, and altogether leads a very active life.

The members of our society meet about once each month to hear lec-tures and to discuss various aspects of good health through a vegetarian diet and natural healing methods, also to study the importance of living without causing cruelty to God's creatures. Frequently our meetings are attended by people who are not vegetarians especially if we hold demonstrations of vegetarian cookery. An increasing number of people are beginning to realise that much of the food sold in shops and markets is not pure and is spoilt by chemicals and artificial methods of production.

In the county of Yorkshire there are seven other vegetarian societies and we try to meet together twice each year to strengthen the bonds between us. In soring, we spend a weekend in the country or by the sea; in autumn we hold a conference at which each secretary gives a report on the work and future plans of the society he or she represents.

At present, we are particularly interested in a plan to establish a home for elderly vegetarians in the north of England. We hope eventually to extend this idea to the founding of a clinic, where naturopathic treatment can be given. Of course, such a plan demands much money, courage and hard work, which are not easy to come by, but we have no intention of giving up hope.

Finally, I wish to say that if any of you travel as far as England, please do not forget to visit the northern parts, where the scenery is so beautiful and varied, and where you will be welcomed with the greatest friendliness.