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18th World Vegetarian Congress 1965
Swanwick, England


On Friday, 27th August, at the request of the secretary of the V.C.A., I had the great pleasure of welcoming the forty-four members of the German Vegetarian Society at Harwich. They, with their leader, Herr George Hiller, were on their way to the I.V.U. Congress at Swanwick. The event, for me, was made all the more memorable as I had asked His Worship the Mayor of Colchester if he would consent to give an official welcome to our German friends on their arrival at Colchester, and an invitation was also extended to him to join the party for breakfast at the Red Lion Trust House. This the Mayor, Councillor Wooster, very graciously accepted, and after I had introduced His Worship to our friends, he gave them a very warm welcome, saying how very pleased he was to further cement the cordial relations between the two nations.

Herr Hiller responded in similar vein and, to my mind, the event was a great success, ending with our friends setting off in great good humour to Swanwick.