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18th World Vegetarian Congress 1965
Swanwick, England


Marquis de St. Innocent and President of International Vegetarian Union and his wife, Mrs. Olga Kahler, were guests of honour at a Vegetarian Dinner organised by Mr. Madanlal Somafli, President, Bombay Vegetarian Society, at the Indo-German Cultural Society on 9th December.

Mr. Madanlal Somani, while welcoming Mr. Kahler and other guests, said that India is very proud to have been associated with the International Vegetarian Union. After the 15th World Vegetarian Congress, which was attended by delegates from about twenty-three countries of the world, a sort of international brotherhood among vegetarians has been established, resulting in interchange of views, literature and contacts. This holds out a bright future for the country. Mr. J. N. Mankar, Vice-President of the International Vegetarian Union and Regional Secretary for India and Eastern countries, gave an account of the progress of the vegetarian movement in India and announced the programme for the forthcoming 18th World Vegetarian Congress, to be held at Swanwick, Derbyshire, England. He said he hoped that a delegation of about fifteen members may attend the Congress.

Mr. Kahier, while thanking the host, Mr. Madanlal Somani and other friends for their kind expression, said that today a change of diet is not the only problem, but that the real problem is cruelty versus compassion. If people still believe in compassion, cruelty has to be eliminated from the world as this alone can usher in an era of universal peace and brotherhood. He believed that ethical and spiritual considerations are by far stronger in the adoption of a vegetarian diet than other factors. He extended an invitation to all friends of vegetarianism to attend the 18th World Vegetarian Congress.

Miss Nalini Morarji proposed a vote of thanks.