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18th World Vegetarian Congress 1965
Swanwick, England

Minutes of the Business Meetings

18th WORLD VEGETARIAN CONGRESS - 4 September 1965
The Hayes, Swanwick, England

The Business Sessions opened on Sunday morning 29 August under the Chairmanship of the President, the Marquis de St Innocent, who welcomed delegates from Australia, Austria, America, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, India, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland, with visitors from Spain and Belgium. Many British Societies were also Officially represented, including The Vegetarian Society, London Vegetarian Society, the British Vegetarian Youth movement, the Jewish Vegetarian Society, the Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club, the Vegetarian Catering Association, The Vegan Society and many local Societies.

The President read telegrams of good wishes from friends unable to attend, Societies in India, Burma, Australia, Germany, and one from the wife of Mr J N Mankar who was celebrating his 71st Birthday at the first Session.

THE MINUTES of the previous meeting held in Barcelona in June 1963 had been circularized and published in The British Vegetarian were summarized by the General Secretary, approved and signed by the President.

THE ANNUAL REPORT was presented by the General Secretary and a warm welcome was given to Societies which had Affiliated since the last Congress. Madrid Vegetarian Society, followed by the Spanish Vegetarian Union, The Vegan Society of Great Britain and the Vegan Society of America, The Jewish Vegetarian Society (Gt Britain), The Cumbrian Vegetarian Society, The Vegetarian Catering Association, East Surrey Vegetarian Society, Ord Esoterica of Portugal, Manchester & District Vegetarian Society, the Vegetarian Society of Nottingham, and in India: The Bombay Vegetarian Society, All India Animal Welfare Association, The Vegetarian Club of Delhi and the Indian Congress in Madras. The news that the newly formed Vegetarian Society of Iran was applying in due course was also welcomed. Messages were greeted with pleasure that the Schweiz Gesellschaft fur Vegetarismus and La Societe Vegetarienne de Geneve wished to Affiliate.

THE FINANCIAL STATEMENT for the two years ending 31st December 1964 and Audited by Messrs H Julius Lunt & Co of Manchester was presented by the Treasurer and approved, the Auditors. being re-appointed.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: the following were elected or re-elected for a further term of Office:
President: The Marquis de St Innocent (Spain)
Deputy President: Mr George Hiller (Germany)

Vice Presidents: Dr B P Allinson (GB), Mrs Rukmini Devi Arundale (India), Dr rer oec Ralph Bircher (Switzerland), Prof A de Costa Cabral (Portugal), Dr phil Aldo Capitini (Italy), Prof D M Cervera Cebolla (Spain), Mr Oluf Egerod, (Denmark), Dr V L Ferrandiz (Spain), Mr Lowell Fillmore (USA), Mr Curtis Freshel (USA), Mr C D Harding (Australia), Mr U San Hla (Burma), Mr Geoffrey Hodson (New Zealand), Dr Douglas Latto (UK), Dr Gordon Latto (UK), Mr S H Linnio (USA), Dr W McGregor (USA), Mrs M D Malegamvala (India), Mr J N Mankar (India), Dr Jacques de Marquette (France), Prof Scott Nearing (USA), Mr B Niedwietz (Israel), Mr Niel Nielsen (Norway), Dr Jean Nussbaum (France), Mr Josef Pedersen (Sweden), Miss Ruth Playle (Canada), Dr O Robinsohn (Israel), Dr phil H J Rogler (Norway), Mr Carl Schelin (Sweden), Prof H B Stevens (USA), Dr C Sypkens (Holland), Dr M Tada (Japan), Mr Jan Vinkenborg (Holland), and The Rajkumar of Vizianagram (India). With the addition of Mr V H Dalmir Prisi and Mr M Somani of India.

Treasurer: Mrs Isabel James (GB)
Assistant Treasurer Mr Geoffrey L Rudd (GB) the General Secretary

Committee: Dr J Horsley in place of Mr Allinson who was reported as wishing to resign all Committee Offices (Note. Dr Horsely subsequently wrote withdrawing his acceptance); The working committee is then: -
The President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Dr Douglas Latto, Dr Gordon Latto, Dr Joan Nussbaum, Dr C A Skriver, Mr J Vinkenborg and The Rajkumar, (At a Subsequent committee Meeting Mrs W M Eikekeboom vas asked to serve on the Committee to facilitate arrangements for the Congress in Holland.)

General secretary: The committee re-appointed Mr Geoffrey L.Rudd, and re-appointed the Regional Secretaries: Mr J N Mankar (India & the East), Dr Jesse Marcer Gehman (The Americas) (Dr Gehman's new address is POB 68 Duncannon Rd., 3, Pennsylvania 17028, USA)

NEXT CONGRESS A long discussion was held to decide an the country in which to hold the next Congress, the needs in particular were assessed for each region issuing invitations. Finally it was agreed that the next 1967 World Congress ( the 19th) should be hold in India and Mr Mankar assured prospective delegates that they would be given free hospitality during the period of the Congress, paying for only their fare to India and any internal travel. The General secretary said he would try to organize a Charter Flight from England, So that Europe would not be without a Congress for four years it was agreed that the 20th would to held in Holland in 1968.

An interesting new development was the suggestion that smaller International Gatherings might be held in any country so that holidaymakers could gather at an agreed centre for pleasure and some lectures - the country concerned bearing the cost and making the arrangements, Portugal was asked to try to organize such a centre in 1966, and an offer was made to arrange a mountain climbing holiday centre in Switzerland by Mr Karl Bosshard of Zurich.

A suggestion that a Congress should be held in Greece to help form a vegetarian Society there was riot accepted for the time being though it was agreed that it would be a good thing to start a national society in the homeland of Pythagoras.

The President announced that he and the General Secretary would be visiting Portugal next year to assist in organizing their International Meeting, and Israel early in 1966 to help arouse a greater intersat in the vegetarian movement..

SOCIETY REPORTS: The Congress greatly appreciated the interesting reports of activities in various Member countries. From: Mr Roger Boswarva (Australia), Mr Julius Fleischanderl (Austria), Mr Jay Dinshah (America), Mrs Barbara Jackson (Canada), Mr Niel Nielson (for Denmark though now living Norway) , Mrs Tamara Kruse (France) Dr C A Skriver (Germany), Mr Gerhard Hartel (Germany), - Mr Geo Hiller spoke of Germany in his lecture - Mr Karl Hoppl (Germany), Mrs M Eikeboom (Ho1land) , Dr Eugene Keleny (former President of the Hungarian Vegetarian Society), Mr J N Mankar and Mr S.Somani (India). Dr O Robinsohn (Israel), Mr Alex Hary conveyed a message from the Cyprus Naturopathic Association, Prof Angelo da Costa (Portugal), The President spoke of the situation in Spain and how through a misunderstanding a large group from Spain had not attended, Mr E S Gar also spoke; Mr Anders Kocken (Sweden) . Dr Ralph Bircher (Switzerland), Mr Geoffrey Rudd and Mr Ronald Lightowler spoke for the two Natioa1 societies in England, while Mrs Kathleen Keleny spoke for The Friends Society, Mr Philip Pick for the Jewish VS, Mr Cyril Oliver for the Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club, Mrs Fay Henderson (Vegetarian Catering Association), Mrs Sally Shrigley (The Vegan Society). The British Federations and Local Societies were also called upon.

SCIENCE COUNCIL: A proposal was made and accepted that the Science Council of the International Vegetarian Union should be formed to gather scientific information from all available sources, be abstracted by a group of qualified scientists and collated by Dr Ralph Bircher and Dr Franck Wokes, both of whom would keep identical files and suggest suitable matter for publication. Each congress would be given a resume of the most significant developments effecting vegetarianism. It was agreed that the over-riding control should be in the hands of the IVU Committee.

THANKS: The President was thanked for his keen interest and help, and particularly for his splendid articles which he wrote for the General Secretary to send out as propaganda to magazines all over the world. The team of simultaneous interpreters and Multitone technicians were given a hearty vote of thanks for their services in taking away the tedium of listening to subsequent translations of lectures.

to be approved at the next Congress

Francisco de St.Innocent
10 May 1968