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18th World Vegetarian Congress 1965
Swanwick, England

From The British Vegetarian published just before the Congress:


From the President of the International Vegetarian Union, the Marquis de St. Innocent:-

The International Vegetarian Union welcomes all to its 18th World Congress. Symbolizing the inner oneness of the world-family this Congress is being held under one roof.

Looking back on the Congresses I have attended in the past, I think among the best things offered was the opportunity of spending a few days with the people, who may not speak the same language, but at heart share the same outlook on life. During the week that now lies ahead we may all look forward to meeting friends both old and new; and in addition to this pleasure we shall also have the privilege of hearing from a select group of well-informed men and women who will speak to us about some of the most interesting and helpful aspects of the vegetarian way of life.

Today, as never before, people in every nation are beginning to see that the chief issue of our atomic age is kindness versus cruelty. Everything else on earth has suddenly become a issue. In being kind to animals and birds by not eating them vegetarians have taken a first step towards universal kindness. Without contradicting pure and simple reason, this first is in reality a spiritual experience. Unless we have spiritual experience, how can we have spiritual faith?

Since nations are merely enlargements of the individual, it follows that all individual members of the world-family who are longing for world-peace should be peaceful in their own daily lives. Only a peaceful man can know what peace is, just as only a healthy man can know health.

When this 18th I.V.U. Congress is over and we have returned to our homes in many different lands, I trust we may frequently take time to ask ourselves under what circumstances any attempt to change the bad behaviour of others do the most good. Communication is not possible until a common meaning is discovered. If we wish a carnivorous friend or relative to see vegetarianism through our eyes, we must first see it through his. This common meaning is a hidden treasure which can be found the field of kindness and compassion.

The I.V.U. is very glad to welcome delegates at Swanwick, Derbyshire, and hopes that all will have a good time.

From the President of The Vegetarian Society, Dr. Gordon Latto : -

England has the great honour of being host at the next International Vegetarian Congress to be held at Swanwick. I have every confidence that the British vegetarians will, through careful preparation, strive to make the forthcoming Congress a consumate success and will extend a most cordial and warm welcome to our friends from Overseas.

These Congresses serve a very real purpose, for they help the individual members to appreciate more clearly the problems that confront the Movement. They also encourage the individual members to work harder for this most important cause that could, and will, one day bring so many blessings to the world.

At these Conferences we meet old friends from foreign lands who share their experiences with us and also in the friendly atmosphere that obtains, new friends are made. It is very uplifting to see so many people working for the common ideal of Vegetarianism, which if wisely and scientifically adopted would help of the nation, the economy of the world and would would work for the abolition of unnecessary cruelty.

May the forthcoming Congress be a most memorable one during which seeds will be sown which will bear a rich harvest at a later date and so help solve some of the problems that confront this disturbed world.

From the President of the London Vegetarian Society, Dr. James Horsley: -

Once again it is the privilege of Great Britain to entertain the members of the I.V.U. at their bi-annual Conference. It is an opportunity that vegetarians all over the country will welcome and I am sure that there will be an eager response within our Societies everywhere. On the last occasion, when the meetings were held here, Great Britain had but recently emerged from the War, and the spirit of co-operation and friendship was most evident. Today we shall have a chance show not only how the movement has grown here, but will be able to meet leading spirits in the vegetarian movement all over the world and share with them our hopes, our problems and our opportunities.

To them all we would extend a very warm welcome. We are sure that the days they spend with us will be happy and fruitful in counsel; it is our deep desire that together we may work towards a brighter future for all mankind along the paths of peace and harmony between man and the creature kingdom.