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19th World Vegetarian Congress 1967
Delhi/Bombay/Madras, India

From The Vegetarian and Humanitarian World Forum, April-June 1966:

[Readers' Forum] THE IVU CONGRESS, 1967

A vegetarian for over fifty years, I have always understood that compassion for the creatures must include compassion for human creatures, and I intend to cherish this even if my understanding is not widely shared. Granted the reasonable desire that Britain be represented at the Congress, I am dismayed to observe that we are not only being invited, but urged, to book at £170 per person to include a wholly irrelevant jaunt to a number of show places "including first class travel" and a "banquet", and the ambition being to make a company from 90 to 200 this could reach thousands of pounds sterling. For vegetarian-humanitarians to indulge in this "blow-out" while there are hundreds of our fellow humans in superlative need for austere necessities and in "the dark continent" is, in my assessment of values, deplorable. If this view is deemed eccentric I am willing to incur any odium imposed upon me on that count.

John W. Rattray
25 Abertay Street
Barnhill, Dundee

[there appears to have been a reply to this from the President of IVU in the following issue, which is missing. The Oct-Dec 1966 issue carried a further response from Mr. Rattray ending with "I cordially reciprocate the President's kind regards". Just to demonstrate that they were all still friends the same issue had a photograph of the President, Mr. Woodland Kahler, and his wife, with the editor of the journal in her garden].

From The British Vegetarian, March/April 1967:

From The British Vegetarian, Sep/Oct 1967:

Indian World Congress
The Taj Mahal which is on the sightseeing list for delegates attending the 19th World Vegetarian Congress in November. Unfortunately, owing to a number of people not honouring their declared intention of joining the Charter Flight from Manchester, the trip had to be cancelled and many delegates are prevented from attending what promises to be another memorable Indian Congress.

Those of us unable to go send their best wishes and hopes for a successful series of meetings.