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19th World Vegetarian Congress 1967
Delhi/Bombay/Madras, India

Minutes of the Business Meetings

Minutes of the A.G.M. held at 9.30 - 11.30 a.m.
Monday 4th December, 1967 at the Indian Merchants' Chamber Hall, Churchgate, Bombay

The President of the International Vegetarian Union, The Marquis Francisco de St.Innocent took the Chair.

Apologies for absence due to the last minute hitches with Air India over vaccination problems were made.

The Minutes of the last A.G.M. were approved and greetings received.

The deaths of Dr.Neussbaum (France) and Dr.McGregor (U.S.A.) both Vice Presidents, were reported and two minutes silence observed by the delegates present.

there were no nominations submitted beforehand to fill the two vacancies occurring on the Executive Committee but Miss H.Nixon B.A., Mr.B.J.Gunn-King, Mr H.J.Dinshah and Mr.P.L.Pick were put forward from the floor for the positions in that order. Mr.Gunn-King was later made the Hon.Gen.Secretary at an Executive Committee Meeting in Hamburg on 25th Nov. 1969.

As there was not a quorum of the Executive Committee present the positions could not be confirmed until a following meeting in London on 10th May 1968. Miss Nixon and Mr.Gunn-King were confirmed on the Executive Committee and Mr.Dinshah and Mr.Pick co-opted for the year.

Official delegates gave reports of their own Societies progress.

Thanks was expressed to all our Indian hosts in N.Delhi, Madras and Bombay for their fine hospitality and for the gifts they bestowed. Regret was expressed that the Calcutta Session could not be held.

The President gave a generous gift of 15,000 rupees (833) to the I.V.U. (Indian Congress) finance.

It was decided to hold the 20th Congress in Israel in 1969.

Committee: President; W.M.Eickeboom-Broekman; Rajkumar of Vizianagram
V.P.s Mr.J.N.Mankar, Prof.Scott Nearing, Mr Niels Nielsen, Miss R.E.Playle, Dr.Otto Robinson, Dr.M.Tada, Marquette, Mrs R.D.Arundale, Mr V.H.Dalmir Prisi, Mr.M.Somani

Signed: Gordon Latto