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19th World Vegetarian Congress 1967
Delhi/Bombay/Madras, India



From a paper submitted to the I.V.U. Congress in India.

I Should like to report here about the practical experiments with wheat wholemeal bruised grain. In the year 1950 Kollath gave me his ideas about "Auxones" (vitamins belonging to the "B-Complex ") which are of crucial importance for the building up of the body and for the replacement of cells and which are resistant to a moderate heat up to 160 C.

Through his work I made nutritional experiments with freshly bruised wheat grains. The fresh bruising of the wheat grain is necessary, as the "Auxones" become gradually ineffective because of the hydrogen contents of the air.

I carried out some experiments in my own family, and the breakfast dish of "Bircher muesli" was replaced by Kollath-Breakfast with raw wheat grain, which had been immersed in water overnight in order to make the grains soft. The quantity to be taken at breakfast time as suggested by Kollath was 50-75 gr. per person but this did not quite agree with some of the grown up persons, and it was refused in such quantities by the children. When 20-25 grams per person was eaten, health could not be bettered.

The overnight-softened wheat grains were cooked or boiled and for a short time, mixed with just a little sugar and eaten with raw first grade milk. In this form, it was readily eaten by young and old alike, and after raw fruit sometimes, so that in every case it was taken in place of "Bircher muesli" and wholemeal bread. This stronger effect than wholemeal bread is understandable, for at the high temperatures of breadmaking the "Auxones" are partly destroyed. The result was astonishing and amazing. Every susceptibility to illness disappeared. One of the children, who was suffering from a T.B. of the hylus gland, was completely cured without the use of any medical treatment, another child who had a very meagre or scanty growth of hair until the eighth year of his life, got a normal hair growth within a few weeks. Both the children had very beautiful and healthy teeth and their teeth showed no sign of caries right up to the fifteenth year of their lives. They knew no inflammation of the tonsils or deficiencies. I for one had also suffered from falling hair and deteriorating sight/vision when I was fifty-four years old. After a few months my hair again grew thick and had a very healthy shine, and my eyes improve to such an extent that I do not need spectacles to the present day, that is for fourteen years. Even after a lapse of a few days I noticed an appreciable enhancement of my general efficiency and my bodily strength, which has not forsaken me right up to the present day.

I had previously used only wholemeal, no white bread, cakes, vermicelli or macaroni, etc., no factory sugar or sweets made of sugar and plenty of fresh food, therefore, these results all proved to be the result of the use of bruised wheat grain. They were extensively corroborated and often surpassed in the case of other -test-persons, some of whom had stuck to their traditional diet during other meals. Especially impressive were the results in the case of children who were weaklings, convalescents and aged persons. In a trial on twenty-two children, about whom I already reported, the children got rid of all their circulatory troubles without any change of climate and without any medical treatment. They were also cured of all throat and jaw infections, and the attained a healthy skin. An asthmatic child had no attack whatever after four days, and also had no trouble at all for another fourteen days. Quite as strong was the effect on old persons, who lost their senile weakness. They again walked normally and they got a healthy tint to their skin.

In the case of tests carried out on babies or infants right from the third month of their lives up to a good age, a quick elimination of constipation and normalisation of bowel functions, a perceptible tightening of the skin, increase in the power of the muscles and mental elasticity, as well as an enhanced capacity of the skin pigmentation (very distinct in the case of red blondes) and an improvement in its texture was noticed. Its influence on the teeth and the entire bone construction was also very marked. By the daily use of wholemeal porridge, children have achieved a healthy development of their set of teeth, grown-up people experience a standstill of the caries - all age groups show a better growth and enhanced shine in the hair.

Underdeveloped children achieve a normal development (glandular system, bone-formation, hair and teeth, and an astonishing power of resistance against infections). Thus many parents have told me about it with some pride that their child, whom they nourished with a daily porridge meal made up of freshly crushed wheat and fresh full-milk, as well as other methods of nutrition according to Bircher-Benner, i.e., with plenty of fresh food and an avoidance of factory made sugar, white flour products, has not once suffered from a cold.