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21st World Vegetarian Congress 1971
The Hague, The Netherlands
North Americans at the Congress

The countries attending the event were: . . . USA. . . Canada, . .

The International Council was appointed as follows: . . . Marquis de Saint Innocent, retiring President; . . . .and Dr. J.M. Gehman, as Hon. Regional Secretary for the Americas.

An emotive tribute was paid to Mr. Woodland Kahler, Marquis de Saint Innocent, retiring President of the IVU. Mr. Kahler, who had announced his desire to retire several months before, was presented with an engraved bowl, for his invaluable services during his 10 years in charge of the IVU.

from the minutes of the Committee meeting: PRESENT:- The Marquis F. de St.Innocent (President); . . . Prof.Scott Nearing; . . .

4 Executive Vice-Presidents elected under the new Regional establishment, : Mr H. J. Dinshah; Prof Scott Nearing (USA); . . . [this may have been later deleted]