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21st World Vegetarian Congress 1971
The Hague, The Netherlands

Reports & Picture from Spain

delegates at the Hague

The above picture belongs to the 1971 congress at The Hague. It appears in a book by Agustín Belda, one of our old activists here in Alcoy (Spain). He can be seen at the bottom left corner of the picture. In a meeting of the Spanish Vegetarian Naturist Federation held in Madrid, it was decided that he was the Spanish delegate to attend the congress.

The XXI World Vegetarian Congress was held at the Conference Hall in The Hague, Netherlands (September, 6-10, 1971). The retiring IVU President was the Marquis de Saint Innocent. Dr.Gordon Latto was elected as the new President.

The countries attending the event were: Netherlands, Germany, India, UK, USA, Spain, Israel, Hungary, Finland, Mexico, France, Canada, Venezuela, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Sweden, Argentina, Turkey and South Africa.

Several scientific personalities talked about causes and cures for cancer, vegetarian nutrition, yoga, fruitarianism of humankind. There were some musical performances, by ROM KELMAR (bass), UBETA BURGOUJEN (soprano) and MBIEPZ VAN LUIN (piano). The Hall had about 2000 seats, each one with earphones, a large tribune and six translation cabins.

In the March-1972 Newsletter from the Spanish Vegetarian Federation, appears a report about the XXI World Vegetarian Congress, on data given by the official Spanish delegate, Agustín Belda. Some of the points are these:

There was the proposal by Mr. P.L. Pick (following a suggestion by M. George Krassovsky), that the Congress made a call to every country in the world in order to close down the slaughterhouses on October 4 every year. As well as asking every religious order to lecture on the weekend before that day, praying for raising compassion in people to every living being.

Another proposal from Mr. P.L. Pick, representing Mr. Richard St. Barbe Baker, that the Congress made a call to every vegetarian society to use every kind of scientific and economic arguments on behalf of a more extensive, rational and natural development in world's agriculture, in order to increase the production of vegetable foods to the maximum and that these ones be healthier.

Herr Anders G. Kocken, from the Svenska Vegetariska Foreningen, Sweden, proposed on behalf of his society, that the next World Vegetarian Congress was held in his country. The dates would probably be from August 4 to 18, 1973. As usual, the first week for the working sessions and the second for tourism.

The International Council was appointed as follows: Dr. G. Latto, President; Marquis de Saint Innocent, retiring President; Herr Geo Hiller, Deputy President; Mr. Christopher D. Fettes, Treasurer; Mr. Wilfrid M. Capper, Assistant Treasurer; Mr. W.M. Eikeboom-Broedman, Miss H. Nixon B. A., Mr. L. Raaff, Mr. L.H. van Loon and Dr. C.A. Skriver, as Executive Deputy Presidents. The Secretaries remained the same: Mr. B. J. Gunn-King, as Hon. General Secretary; Shri J.N. Mankar, as Hon. Regional Secretary for India and the East, and Dr. J.M. Gehman, as Hon. Regional Secretary for the Americas.

An emotive tribute was paid to Mr. Woodland Kahler, Marquis de Saint Innocent, retiring President of the IVU. Mr. Kahler, who had announced his desire to retire several months before, was presented with an engraved bowl, for his invaluable services during his 10 years in charge of the IVU.

- all the above from David Roman, Spain