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21st World Vegetarian Congress 1971
The Hague, The Netherlands

Photos & brief summary from The Vegetarian (UK) - October 1971:


The 21st World Vegetarian Congress was held in The Hague's luxurious new Congresgebouw. There were 290 delegates from 26 countries including some who have not been represented for many years - Hungary, Venezuela, Turkey, Mexico and Lebanon. India, America, Canada and South Africa also participated. Dr. Gordon Latto, President of the Vegetarian Society (UK), succeeded the retiring President, The Marquis de St.Innocent. The event was covered by radio and television, including the BBC. It is hoped to report some interesting lectures in subsequent issues.

Dr. Gordon Latto, who was elected President of the International Vegetarian Union,
speaking during the Congress.

A group of Namdhari Sikhs who were led by His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Ji
(centre wearing prayer beads).

Some of the interesting personalities with Dr V.G.M.Marijnen, Mayor of the Hague. From left: Mr Geo Hiller, of Germany; Dr Vincent Ferrandiz of Spain (in front); Mr Richard St.Barbe Baker, founder of Men of the Trees, Mr Brian Gunn-King, General Secretary IVU, (next to the Mayor).

Some delegates at one of the sessions.