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22nd World Vegetarian Congress 1973
Ronneby Brunn, Sweden

From The Vegetarian September 1973, the layout is an attempt to reflect the original designs:



Against a backdrop of a BEA Trident III, part of the large British delegation headed for Sweden - (left to right) Dr.Barbara Latto, Member of the SCIVU panel (the Scientific Council of IVU); Mike Storm, Editor of The Vegetarian; Roland Ashley, General Secretary of The Vegetarian Society; Dr. Alan Long (SCIVU); Veronica Latto; Jack Lucas (SCIVU); Visalakshi Muthu; John le Grice, Chiarman of The Vegetarian Society; Dr. Gordon Latto, President of the IVU; Brian Gunn-King, Hon.General Secretary of the IVU, Margaret Gunn-King, their two daughters Sita and Venetia; Louis Warter, official delegate from the American Vegetarian Union.


Roland and Ingrid Hill, fom Turkey, check-in at the Reso Hotel reception - they seek to promote Nature-Tourism in developing countries, so that vegetarians on holiday can enjoy unspoilt surroundings, become acquainted with local foods, in turn contribute to the life of local communities.


Welcoming delegates to the Congress, Anders Kocken, President of the Swedish Vegetarian Society, said: "We really hope this Congress will be a source of inspiration to all of us for further work to realise the ideals of vegetarianism . . . our fine ideals of health, humanity, and fraternity all over the world." He then greeted some of his guests in their own language. Addressing his English speaking friends, he reminded them of the family ties that exists between their two countries. "We have an increasing interest in the English language, in English literature and English music, English today is our first foreign language - it is also compulsory and the children start at the age of ten." He concluded: "I only want to express my heartfelt desire that all of you shall be thouroughly at home here during this too short stay." This year marks the 70th Jubilee of the Swedish Vegetarian Society. Two previous congresses have been held in Sweden - Stockholm, 1923, and Sigtuna, 1953. The superb organisation of the 22nd World Vegetarian Congress augurs well for the future of the Swedish Vegetarian Society.

They Were There!
The following countries participated in the Congress.
Austria, Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Eire, Finland, East Germany, West Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, India, Israel, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela.

For Brian Gunn-King, Honorary Secretary of the IVU, two years of intensive preparation, world correspondence with regional secretaries, close liaison with the host society. At Congress end, he was presented with a Badge of Honour by the Swedish Vegetarian Society.


Canada, Denmark, USA, India . . . Confer

(Left to right): Nathalie Bathurst, Canada, self-starter in the Ottawa vegetarian group: Ida Waage Nielsen, life vegetarian from Denmark, studying psychology: Jay Dinshah, President of the American Vegan Society, and editor of their lively Ahimsa newspaper: Satyanarayan Bakshi, Assistant Manager of Catering, Air India, who supervised Indian dishes during the Congress, distributed a special edition of Indian Recipes published by Air-India, entitled Maharajah of the Vegetable Kingdom. Anyone who questions the variety of vegetarian food should know that Bakshi claims to have mastered 600 Indian vegetarian dishes alone.

J.N.Mankar, Regional Secretary, International Union for India & East, in reflective mood. With him . . . Rukmini Devi Arundale, President of the Indian Vegetarian Congress, who gave one of the most impassioned speeches at the Congress. "If we want peace in the world," she affirmed, "we must give peace to all those living creatures which do not ask anything from us except love and protection." And she quoted: "Men walk in our own shadows through our lack of consideration and our lack of love . . . There is no great teacher on earth, be he Christ, or the Buddha, or the Krishna or Mohammed, who has not made emphasis on this love for all living creatures."