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22nd World Vegetarian Congress 1973
Ronneby Brunn, Sweden

From The Vegetarian September 1973, the layout is an attempt to reflect the original designs:


During the course of the IVU Congress, Swarn Singh Sanehi (India), announced that the Third National Vegetarian Convention, sponsored by the Indian Vegetarian Congress, will take place 2-4 November this year. Organised by the Academy of Namdhari Culture, it will meet under the patronage of his Holiness Satguru Jagsit Singh Ji at Ludhiana, Punjab State.

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With flashgun going like summer lightning, Gerard Baerents (Amsterdam) was kept busy week-long, providing an exhaustive camera coverage of the Congress - to him we are indebted for most of the Swedish pictures featured on [these pages].

Margaret Gunn-King gave a demonstration of yoga exercises. "A serious study of yoga," she said "will give one a greater sense of awareness and spritual insight; since it brings harmony and tranquility of mind as well as physical fitness." There are plans to provide a Yoga Centre at the IVU headquarters, "Braidjule", Quarrytown, Ballycloghan near Broughshane, Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland.


Active in every sense of the word - the Sun Vikings in their distinctive yellow track suits helped to keep delegates on theri toes. Part of the Svenska Frisksport-forbundet - a formidable title for The Swedish League for Health and Sport - the Sun-Vikings see athletics as more than just serving the human ego. Their aims . . . a health conscious world-society, simple and nourishing foods, protection of our natural environment. A film of League activities was screened, graphically showing "Frisksport" as a heightened way of life.

THE ART COMPETITION to find a suitable emblem for use by the IVU resulted in a large number of entries. Three finalists were placed in order of precedence by a ballot among the delegates. The results . . . Edwina Grava, of Toronto, Canada, was judged to be the winner; second - Gaile Campbell, of Vancouver, Canada; third - Bruno Nascimben, of Castenaso, Italy. The prizes - $125.00, $75.00, and $50.00 - were sponsored by the Marquis de St. Innocent, who presented them on behalf of the Beauty Without Cruelty trust, of which he is a vice-president.


Community songs were led by Roland von Malborg, Sweden, who already has two successful LPs to his credit, struck happy chord when he announced his engagement to Sita Brandt (right), chose particularly apt ballads, including one by American singer Melanie:

A little bit of wholemeal, some raisins and cheese.
I'll eat the plants and the fruit from the trees.
And I'll live on vegetables and I'll grow the seeds.

But I don't eat animals and they don't eat me.
O no, I don't eat animals 'cos I love them you see.
I don't eat animals . . . I want nothing dead in me!

Kjell Winberg, Stockholm silversmith, added silvery notes to a wide repertoire of songs in many languages.


TIME out for sightseeing - you can't come to Sweden without visiting some of the beauty spots. Waltraud Kreikenbaum (foreground right), from Germany, joins a party on a conducted tour of Ronneby with its medieval fortress church. A chance, too, for a trip to Blomsstergarten, described as a garden in fairyland. For those who stayed on for the post-congress holiday (5-11 August) there was a week of social events and outings, including an excursion to Stockholm and a boat trip through the archipelago of islands.

At the close of the Congress, it was announced that the next IVU Congress would be held in two years time in America, venue to be given later. It promises to be on a massive scale, but one thing is certain . . . the organisers will be hard put to surpass the warmth and hospitality of the Swedish Vegetarian Society, whose hard work has contributed so much to the success of the 22nd World Vegetarian Congress.

In conclusion....
Other speakers included Julius Fleischanderl (Austria), Dr. Barbara Latto (UK), Dr Carl Anders Skriver (Denmark), Louis Warter (USA), Christopher Fettes (UK), Gerhard Hartel (Denmark), Gunnar Hedfors (Sweden). Altogether 20 papers were read at the Congress; there had been seven group-seminars, film shows, dances, concerts, excursions. Thousands of meals had been provided by Vera Lindgren, who introduced delegates to the delights of Swedish dishes such as "kruska". Sweden, teh welfare state of Europe, had been busy caring for the welfare of her guests. Now the time had come for teh Swedish hosts to take farewell of their friends. "We vegetarians don't say goodbye," said Anders Kocken, " we say . . . Auf Wiedersehen.