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22nd World Vegetarian Congress 1973
Ronneby Brunn, Sweden
North Americans at the Congress

The British group leaving London with, on the extreme right of the photo:
"Louis Warter, official delegate from the American Vegetarian Union."

Left to right): Nathalie Bathurst, Canada, self-starter in the Ottawa vegetarian group: Ida Waage Nielsen, . . . .
Jay Dinshah, President of the American Vegan Society, and editor of their lively Ahimsa newspaper: Satyanarayan Bakshi . . .

Sweet and rugged as a Vermont maple, Scott Nearing, together with wife Helen, ran a Working Group on "Vegetarian Homesteading in the USA," evoked a powerful nostalgia for the good and simple life. Alert and chipper at the end of a full week, Scott celebrated his 90th birthday - incredulous friends presented him with a greetings card which ran: "Dear Scott - we love you . . . but don't believe that bit about being 90!"

*Official Delegates

CDN - Canada -- Canada -- Kanada
Miss Natalie Bathurst
Mr Andre-Onil Lambert
Mr Gaby Popper
Mrs Irena Grossman
Miss Nadine Lewis
Mr Bernard Steinberg*

USA - United States -- V.S. von Amerika -- Amerikas Förenta Stater
Mr Rubin Abramovitz*
Mrs Ester Frankel
Mr Leonard Lasky
Mrs Helen Nearing
Mr H. Jay Dinshah*
Mr Leopold Frankel
Mr Scott Nearing
Mr Louis Warter*