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29th World Vegetarian Congress 1990
Tel Aviv, Israel

Minutes of the IVU General Meeting

Meeting of Representatives of Member Societies

Kfar Maccabiah Centre
Tel Aviv, Israel
17th April - 24th April 1990

  1. President's Welcome
    In the absence of the President, the Deputy President presided over the meeting. He announced that the President had written him to say he was unable to attend the congress. He welcomed everyone to the congress and spoke of Dr.Latto's contribution to IVU. He mentioned developments in the world which help our movement and spoke of the importance of the vegetarian contribution to the world. He discussed the soundness of a vegetarian diet.

  2. Meeting Procedure
    The Hon.General Secretary explained the procedure which would be adopted during the business meetings and explained that only official delegates of member societies could vote according to the number of votes each member society had. However all participants could speak during the proceedings.

  3. Apologies for Absence
    Apologies had been received from a number of member societies and individuals.

  4. Minutes
    The minutes of the meeting of representatives of member societies held during the World Vegetarian Congress at the Croatia Hotel, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia in 1986 were presented and approved as a correct account of the meeting.

  5. Matters Arising
    None were raised.

  6. Hon.General Secretary's Report
    The Hon.General Secretary spoke of the exciting developments taking place in Eastern Europe now that it is possible to organise vegetarian societies. He welcomed the few participants who had managed to come to the congress from Eastern Europe and hoped the numbers would be greatly increased in the future. He spoke of the increasing interest in a vegetarian way of life with many people now turning to a more healthy diet and due to increasing concern about the treatment of animals and the effects of a meat-based diet on the Developing World and the environment. The scope for congresses was increasing considerably. members were reminded of the importance of communication and he asked all to write regularly to him so that he could include information from various parts of the world in the Newsletter. he reminded everyone of the need to pay their subscriptions to IVU to enable the work to continue and develop.

  7. Hon Treasurer's Report and Accounts
    In the absence of the Hon.Treasurer, the Hon.General Secretary presented the financial report and presented the accounts for the period from the last congress up to 30th March 1990. He explained that, due to the date of the congress, the accounts for the year ending 31st March 1990, were subject to possible revision and approval by the auditors. The accounts for the financial years 1986-87, 1987-88 and 1988-89 were also presented as they covered the period since the precious congress in Yugoslavia. The total assets for each financial year end were: 1986-87 24,463.27, 1987-88 25,928.02, 1988-89 29,066.52 and for 1989-90 32,989.64. The financial report and lists of member societies and individual members were approved.

  8. Constitution
    After some discussion it was agreed that a somewhat simplified constitution should be produced and considered by the next World Vegetarian Congress Meeting. Members were asked to send in any ideas or suggestions.

  9. World Vegetarian Congress - 1992
    The offer to host the congress in India was unanimously approved. The Deputy President thanked the gathering for supporting India and announced that it was hoped the congress would concentrate on New Delhi and Madras.

  10. World Vegetarian Congress - 1994
    Members of the Nederlandse Vegetariersbond gave a presentation on their proposal to hold the 1994 congress in The Netherlands. Mr Rob Snijders mentioned that it would be the centenary of the Dutch Vegetarian Society and that they proposed holding the congress in the first week of August. It was agreed to accept the Dutch offer.

  11. Election of Officers and International Council Members
    Shri Surendra Mehta was elected President and Professor Marcel Hebbelinck was elected Deputy President for the period until the next world vegetarian congress. The President thanked the members for his election and went on the speak of the contribution of the Hon.General Secretary to the work of IVU. he also mentioned the work of his predecessor as President, Dr.Gordon Latto. When talking of the need to expand the work of IVU the President announced his wish to financially support the work and invited others to join him in doing so. He felt the need to develop vegetarian literature and to develop the work to further our cause.

    There were nine candidates for the elected positions on the International Council and the following were elected by ballot to serve until the next world vegetarian congress:- Mrs Marian Breuker, Dr.Alex Hershaft, Mr.Joaquin Him, Mr.M.I.Khalik, Mr Brian Gunn-King, Mr.Francisco Martin, Mr.Rudolf Meyer, Mrs Ingeborg Natz.

    The President announced that the International Council had re-elected Mr.Maxwell G.Lee as Hon.General Secretary, Mrs Madge Darneille as Assistant Hon.General Secretary and Mr.William Parrott as Hon.Treasurer.

  12. Reports from Regional Secretaries
    Reports were presented by or on behalf of the regional secretaries of Africa, Australia, Europe, India and the East, North America. There was now no contact with the previous regional secretary for Latin America.

  13. Reports of Member Societies
    There was a brief report of developments in Scandinavia. A representative of the Estonian Vegetarian Society reported on the growth of interest in his country with a rise to some 500 members since the establishment of a vegetarian society less than two years previously. A vegetarian Society was formed in Czechoslovakia in 1982 and it was attracting a good amount of support. Other reports were received from Australia, the Netherlandse Vegetariersbond, The Vegetarier-Bund Deutschlands, the South African Vegetarian Society, the Vegetarian Society (Reverence for Life) Bombay, the Indian Vegetarian Congress, the Colorado Vegetarian Society, the Farm Animal Reform Movement, the Washington D.C. Vegetarian Society, ASCUVINA of Panama, the Vegetarian Society of Ulster, the Jewish Vegetarian Society and the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom.

  14. Policy on Frequency of Meetings
    There were no comments so it was agreed to continue as at present.

  15. Organisation of Congresses
    It was agreed that IVU should play a fuller part in the organisation of congresses and the supervision of the organising society to ensure that things would run as smoothly as possible.

  16. Manker Foundation and Trophy The President spoke of the work of Shri Manker and the reasons for the trophy which was awarded for outstanding work for the international vegetarian cause. He announced that it had been decided to award the trophy to Mr.Philip Pick who was founder President of the International Jewish Vegetarian Society and Regional Secretary for the Middle East. He mentioned that Mr.Pick was celebrating his eightieth birthday and that he had given outstanding service to the vegetarian cause. In reply Mr.Pick spoke of his friendship with Mr.Manker and the delight he felt to be honoured in this way.

  17. Patrons' Fund
    The Hon.General Secretary mentioned the purpose of the Fund and invited all to support it.

  18. Reverence for Life Month
    The purpose of the month being selected instead of a particular day was explained and members were asked to try to ensure a special event in October to mark vegetarian day.

  19. The Future Role and Functions of IVU
    Mr.David Glickson suggested there was a need to be more aggressive in the promotion of the vegetarian cause and that vegetarian societies should be prepared to work more closely with other organisations to promote vegetarian activity. Mr.Francisco Martin suggested the need to think vegetarian. It was agreed that IVU should play a fuller part in developing vegetarian organisations worldwide.

  20. Matter from the International Council
    Mr.Joaquin Him had drawn attention to the degradation of the Earth due to meat-eating and the need to support Earth Day which is 22nd April. It was agreed that this was a matter that societies should consider.

  21. Resolutions
    There were no resolutions.

  22. Votes of Thanks
    The President thanked the Israeli Vegetarian Society and, in particular Mr.David Glickson, for hosting the congress. The President was thanked for presiding over the congress.

  23. Any Other Business
    It was agreed to have a minute's silence in memory of those members who had died since the last congress. There being no other business, the President declared the meeting closed and thanked all for their participation.