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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

Some IVU Councillors
Pictures and Comments from the Cybercafe

This Summerfest is very well organised and has been a delightful experience for me and my other colleagues from India.

Surendra M. Mehta
Retiring President of the IVU (until Friday, August 2nd).
Madras, India

[Surendra M. Mehta]

[Howard F. Lyman] We are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Walk your talk and no one will be in doubt of where you stand.

Howard F. Lyman
President, as of August 2nd, 1996, of the IVU, former cattle rancher, environmental activist, director of the Eating With Conscience Campaign - Humane Society of the U.S.

Wonderful to meet old friends again and new ones too. A very enjoyable event.

Maxwell G. Lee
Deputy President, as of August 2nd, 1996, of IVU. Retiring Honorary General Secretary of IVU

[Maxwell G. Lee]

[Francisco Martin] True kinship with human and non-human animals will only become a reality when people stop cheating and eating their fellow beings.

Francisco Martin
Founder Spanish Vegan Society and editor of Veganismo magazine. Hon. General Secretary IVU, as of August 2nd, 1996. Long-time campaigner against bullfighting and all forms of animal exploitation.
Madrid, Spain

[Igor Bukovsky] "Hi, My name is Igor and - being a medical doctor - my responsibility is to make you healthy. So, do you want to hear my best prescription for your better health and higher endurance? It's a vegetarian lifestyle. It's a totally:

N - nutrition (of course, vegetarian!)
E - excercise (don't be lazy!)
W - water (from out - and inside)

S - sunshine (not too much!)
T - temperance (what's the reason to try and have everything?)
A - air (this is not an ad for N..e)
R - rest (not only sleep, but enjoy a day of rest a week!)
T - trust in divine power (what a good news we have somebody taking care of us!)

Do not forget: I prefer to meet you at a tenis court rather then in the hospital!
Igor Bukovsky
Bratislava, Slovakia

[Madge Darmeille] I was born in England and married to an American. I'm one of the founders of NAVS. I have been President of the Vegetarian Society of D.C. on and off for 22 years. I am the retiring Assistant Secretary of the IVU. I am a lifetime vegetarian. I was a board member of NAVS for the first 10 years of its existance. I am very excited to see so many young people now wanting to live the compassionate way of life.

Madge Darmeille
Washington, DC, USA

I really appreciate the opportunity to get together with so many of my vegetarian soulmates and to share our knowledge, our experiences, and our skills. I am very grateful to Brian, Jenny, and the rest of the NAVS team for making it all come together.

Alex Hershaft, PhD
President of Farm Animal Reform Movement, founder of the Great American Meatout.
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

[Alex Hershaft]

[Mitsuru Kakimoto] Vegetarian lifestyle is the best.

Mitsuru Kakimoto, DDSc, PhD
President of the Japanese Vegetarian Society, professor, writer.
Osaka, Japan

Hildi is president of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) and deputy president of the German Vegetarian Association (Vegetarier-Bund). We are editors of the German Vegetarian magazine "Vegetarier". We have three adult children and a grandma, and the whole family is vegetarian, the children in the third generation. 18 years ago we started to become vegan. [Guenter and Hildegund Scholvien]
We enjoy this vegetarian Summerfest very much. It is well organized, the food is excellent especially for us vegans. It is great to meet so many friends and friendly people and listen to such a variety of interesting lectures and workshops. We met an extraordinary hospitality and thank all the envolved people very much.

Guenter and Hildegund Scholvien
Fischbach near Kaiserslautern, Germany

[Jashu Shah] Secretary of Vegetarian Society [Bombay]. IVU Regional Secretary for India and Far East. Attorney practicing law in Bombay, India since 1957. Connected with the vegetarian movement since 1967.

Jashu Shah
Regional secretary of the IVU, general secretary of the Vegetarian Society (Bombay).
Bombay, India

You are welcome to 33rd World Vegetarian Congress to be held in Thailand between Mon Jan 4 and Sun Jan 10, 1999. You will enjoy all the warm hospitality of the Thai and all the fruits and vegetables including sand sea and sunlight.

Email us for more details. See you in Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand

[Pornthep Srinarula]
Pornthep Srinarula
Charter president of Veg Bangkok, promoting vegetarianism.
Bangkok, Thailand

[Patricia Carney] Patricia Carney
Executive director of EarthSave International.
California, USA