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SAINT JEROME (340-420 A.D.)

Jerome, Saint. Latin name Eusebius Hieronymus ?347-?420 A.D., Christian monk and scholar whose outstanding work was the production of the Vulgate. Feast day: Sept 30. Collins English Dictionary
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From the souvenir book of the 15th IVU World Vegetarian Congress, India, 1957 (uncorroborated):

SAINT JEROME (340-420 A.D.) Author of the Vulgate.

"The use of the flesh of animals was unknown up to the Deluge; but after the Deluge, men put between their teeth the sinews and stinking juices of flesh. Jesus Christ.. . today does not permit us to eat flesh according to the Apostle (Rom XIV. 21). It is good never to drink wine, and never to eat flesh, for the use of wine has commenced with that of flesh after the Deluge." - Letter from St. Jerome to Eustoquie.