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TERTULLIAN (160-230 A.D.)

Tertullian, Latin name Quintus Septimus Florens Tertullianus. ?160-?220 A.D., Carthagianian Christian Theologian who wrote in Latin rather than Greek and originated much of Christian terminology. Collins English Dictionary
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From the souvenir book of the 15th IVU World Vegetarian Congress, India, 1957 (uncorroborated):

TERTULLIAN (160-230 A.D.) of the Early Christian Fathers.

"It is in the cooking-pots that your love is inflamed - it is in the kitchen that your faith grows fervid - it is in the flesh dishes that all your hope lies hid... who is held in so much esteem with you as the frequent giver of dinners, as the sumtuous entertainer, as the practised toaster of healths?

"Consistently do you men of flesh reject the things of the spirit. But if your prophets are complacent towards such persons they are not my prophets : why preach you not constantly, 'Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die; just as we preach 'let us abstain brothers and sisters, lest tomorrow, perchance we die?"

"Let prize-fighters and pugilists fatten themselves up - for them a mere corporeal ambition suffices. And yet even they become stronger by living on vegetable food. But other strength and vigour is our aim, as other contests are ours, who fight not against flesh and blood. Against our antagonists we lust fight - not by means of flesh and blood, but with faith and a strong mind.