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Europe: early 20th Century
General William Booth (1829-1912)

Founder and first Generalof the Salvation Army.

From the Vegetarian Messenger (VSUK magazine):

May 1908:
General Booth on Diet - The Daily News says :- "Before leaving Norwich to-day General Booth, during an interview with a press representative, was questioned as to his diet. The General said he could still enjoy a potato with a little butter and salt; but the human race had run wild with their eating. Instead of bringing their appetites down to their food they brought their food up to their appetites."

February 1909
General Booth.
- one of the Dresden journalists had an interview with General Booth during his visit in the neighbourhood , and gave his report in the Dresden Auseiger . In answer the question how he managed to sustain so much hard work, and particularly so much public speaking at night, at his advanced age, the General replied :- "I owe it to my careful vegetarian diet."

March 1909
Self denial week in the Salvation Army
- At the request of Colonel Moss, of the Salvation Army, the Secretary of the Vegetarian Society has supplied a quantity of directions of inexpensive cooked and uncooked diets, with a number of recipes. They are to be published in the Salvation Army journals.