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The British Vegetarian (1959-1971)


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On January 1, 1959, the previously separate journals of the two main British Vegetarian Societies (based in London and Manchester) were combined into 'The Brtish Vegetarian'. It was published bi-monthly until the July/August 1971 issue.

Meanwhile, in 1969, the two societies had merged. From September 1971 the journal was converted into a large format newspaper simply called 'The Vegetarian'.

Copies of all issues of The British Vegetarian are held by The Vegetarian Society UK in bound annual volumes. No complete scans are available but these are some extracts, mostly relating to IVU Congresses. From 1960 to 1967 The British Vegetarian also served as the official IVU journal.








This was the last issue of The British Vegetarian - the Congress reports appeared in its successor, the large format newspaper retitled The Vegetarian.