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Europe: early 20th Century
Lord Dowding (1882-1970)
Lady Dowding (1908-1993)

Lord Dowding (1882-1970)

Military Commander, Member of the House of Lords

He was a long-time British politician and the commander in-chief of the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain. He was a vegetarian and a long-time anti-vivisectionist.
source: This is well-known in the British animal welfare movement, and in fact there is a pro-animal charity named after him.

Lord Dowding's full name was: Air Chief Marshall Lord Hugh Dowding, and the charity named in his honour is the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research. It is part of the National Anti-Vivisection Society (U.K.)

Collins English Dictionary:
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Dowding n. Baron Hugh Caswall Tremeheere, nicknamed Stuffy. 1882-1970, British Air Chief Marshall. As commander in chief of Fighter Command (1936-1940) he contributed greatly to the British victory in the Battle of Britain (1940)

Lady Muriel Dowding (1908-1993)

Began Beauty WIthout Cruelty, was the wife of a famous soldier and Lord - source: A book. "The Psychic life of Muriel, the Lady Dowding"

A quote:
"It seems obvious to me that a Christ-child who is depicted in the scriptures as being born in the stable, surrounded by animals, is not meant to be the figurehead of a Great Slaughter and a feast of gluttony and self indulgence."

She was a famous UK animal rights campaigner in her day and was the founder of Beauty Without Cruelty. She also received prestigious awards and recognition from the RSPCA (UK) for her outstanding and tireless efforts for animals)

from The Extended Circle by Jon Wynne-Tyson. Direct link:

Do we deserve health and freedom from accidents when in the name of research we deliberately bring disease and agony on millions of animals by vivisection? I think we do not and, by the great law of cause and effect, "As you sow, so shall you reap," we must reverse this dreadful state of affairs.
Man must start to put right the world he is destroying and, of the many disasters he has brought about, probably the most evil is that of imprisoning a living, feeling and, in many cases, terrified animal, infecting it with painful illness, mutilating it, and eventually, after its suffering, taking its life. - Public lecture

- died in Hove, UK on 20th December 1993