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Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

From The Vegetarian (London), May 9, 1891 - the report of the Vegetarian Federal Union meeting in Portsmouth, England, held on May 5, 1891:

... Among those present were the delegates ... from ... the London Vegetarian Society (Mr. Josiah Oldfield, Mr. M. K. Gandhi, Mr. T. T. Mojumdar, Miss Yates), ...

From The Vegetarian (London), May 16, 1891 - the report of the May meeting of the Vegetarian Society (Manchester) held in Portsmouth, England, held on May 6, 1891:

... was followed by Mr. M. K .Gandhi of the Inner Temple (a Brahmin from the Bombay Presidency). After congratulating the previous speaker, and apologising for his paper, which was entitled "The Foods of India," he began to read it. He was rather nervous in the beginning. We do not condense it here as that ... will be published in the Vegetarian Mesenger.

The full text of Gandhi's talk was published in the June, 1891, issue of The Vegetarian Messenger - the journal of The Vegetarian Society, based in Manchester.