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The Beatles and IVU

1957 - IVU World Vegetarian Congress in India, organised by Jay Mankar. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi present.

1960 - August, IVU Congress held in Hamburg, Jay Mankar present. Beatles arrive in Hamburg, playing at the Reeperbahn.

1964? - George met Ravi Shankar, became vegetarian around this time

1966 - George uses sitar on Revolver. Hare Krishnas formed.

1967 - November, IVU Congress in New Delhi, again organised by Jay Mankar. Beatles due at nearby Rishikesh but delayed by Paul filming magical mystery tour. Would they have visited the Congress?

1968 - February, Beatles at Rishikesh, 150 miles NW of Delhi, with Maharishi, all vegetarian

from The British Vegetarian, May/June 1968:

Hard Days Yoga
Even The Times (19.2.68) condescended to reporting that the Beatles had a vegetarian diet while meditating with their Maharishi in Rishikesh.
Good example in our youthful drug-addicted, violent, protesting world.

1968 - Paul & Jane Asher still veggie but then split up.

1970s - Paul & Linda go veggie

1977 - Jay Mankar dies just before the next Congress he was organising in India, memorial award created

1988 - Linda's first vegetarian cookbook

1991 - Linda's vegetarian food range

1998 - Linda dies

1999 - Mankar Memorial Award to Linda

1999 - IVU News editor Hare Krishna, uses Bhaktivedanta Manor to distribute magazine.

2002 - Paul sponsors delegates from developing countries to attend Congress in Edinburgh. Used to pay for Africans and others.