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History of Vegetarianism - Anna Kingsford M.D. (1846-1888)

[pic: Anna Kingsford] From the archives of The vegetarian Society UK:

The Summer of 1946 seems to have been a season of anniversaries and memorials. The Vegetarian Society itself was looking forward to its 100th anniversary and giving its members advance warnings of celebratory plans.

The September issue carried a memorial to Anna Kingsford, who had been born 100 years earlier. Anna Kingsford was also an opponent of vivisection, and had become a vegetarian following the influence of her eldest brother. She decided that the best way to combat vivisection was to study medicine - this was in the 1870s when it was difficult for women to have any kind of professional career! Anna also felt that she had a spiritual mission to spread the word about vegetarianism, anti-vivisection and esoteric Christianity. She went to Paris to study and passed all her medical exams. In 1880 she wrote a thesis entitled "L'Alimentation Végétale de l'Homme" which gained her a diploma. It was published in English under the title "The Perfect Way in Diet".