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  1. Organised Vegetarianism (web pages) - the complete history from 1847 on

  2. The Ethics of Diet - A Catena (web pages) - by Howard Williams M.A., first pub. London 1883. Complete transcript of the first 'history of vegetarianism'.

  3. The Vegetarian Movement in England, 1847-1981 (web pages) - by Julia Twigg, 1981. PhD thesis bound in a few printed copies but never previously published.

  4. Food, Home and Garden (link to - Journal of the Vegetarian Society of America Vols I-III, 1897-99

  5. The Vegetarian (web pages) extracts from the weekly newspaper published in London, 1888-1903.

  6. The Vegetarian World Forum (web pages) published from 1947-1970. The official journal of IVU in the 1950s. No complete scans, but many extracts.

  7. Souvenir Book of the 15th World Vegetarian Congress - India, 1957 - (web pages) - huge collection of articles by various authors.

  8. The British Vegetarian (web pages) published from 1959 to 1971. The official journal of IVU in the 1960s. No complete scans, but many extracts.

  9. Vegetarian Voice and Vegetarian Times 1974/5 issues (web pages) - all concerning the IVU World Vegetarian Congress in Maine, USA, 1975.
  10. Vegetarian Times (link to Google Books) - US bi-monthly magazine, the link goes to January 1980. See 'Browse all issues' for the complete subsequent issues, currently up to 2004.

  11. IVU News / EVU News / VUNA Views- (web pages) complete issues from 1995 until publication ceased.

  12. Vegetarianism in Australia, A History (web index to complete book in PDF) by Edgar Crook, 2008