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Manchester and Salford Vegetarian Advocates Society

There had been several local organisations, with a variety of names, which included 'vegetarianism' as one of their objectives. As far as can be seen this was the first local group to use the word 'vegetarian' in its title. The article implies that the Vegetarian Society already had a network of Local Secretaries in place by this time.

From the Vegetarian Advocate (England), Vol.II., 1849-50, p.7 (undated but appears to be late 1849):


One of the most important local efforts which have yet been made in furtherance of the Vegetarian Movement is, we believe, what is our highest gratification to record as the formation of the Manchester and Salford Vegetarian Advocates Society. On the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 8, 1849, a meeting convened by the local secretary for Salford and Manchester, took place at the Library of the Rev. J. B. Strettles, 14 King-street, Salford, when Mr. Alderman Harvey was unanimously called to the chair.

The Local Secretary explained, that his object in calling the meeting was to obtain their advice and assistance relative to the best course to be pursued for effectually carrying on the Vegetarian Movement in the city and neighbourhood of Manchester. He regarded it as a subject of the deepest influence to all who felt themselves devoted heart and hand to that comprehensive movement; and it delighted him much to see before him, men whose weight and interest in society was very considerable, and whose long experience as Vegetarians, would enable them to use that influence for one of the noblest objects that could engage the attention of man - the improvement of his fellow man, physically intellectually, and morally. His idea was that a society should at once be formed, for the purpose of arranging for, and supplying with speakers, meetings in various parts of that city, so as to keep constantly before the public mind, the important truths embraced in the Vegetarian system.

The Chairman, from the experience he had had in the different movements, in which he had performed an humble part, could cordially support the plan suggested by the Local Secretary.

J. J. Birchall Esq., had great pleasure in proposing "That a society be formed, entitled the Manchester and Salford Vegetarian Advocates Society."

Mr. Kershaw seconded the motion, which was put and carried unanimously.

Mr. W. Lancaster proposed, and Mr. W. Bremner seconded : "That the object of the society be to supply speakers on Vegetarianism at various public meetings, and to make the necessary arrangements for meetings in different parts of the city." - Carried unanimously.

Mr. Bremner proposed, and Mr. Lancaster seconded : "That the society consist of those who are total abstainers from all intoxicating liquors, as well as members of the Vegetarian Society."

Eleven gentlemen immediately enrolled themselves as members of the society, and the meeting was adjourned to give time for the Local Secretary to draw up the rules of the society.

The adjourned meeting took place on Mon., Aug.13, when Mr. Alderman Harvey again presided.

The Local Secretary submitted the rules to the consdieration of the meeting, which were considered on by one, and after an hour's interesting debate,

Robert Milner, Esq., proposed, and Mr. Joseph Hall seconded : "That the rules, as submitted by the Local Secretary, be adopted as those of the Manchester and Salford Vegetarian Advocates Society." - Carried unanimously.

The following officers were then unanimously elected: President: Mr. Alderman Harvey; Treasurer: Robert Milner, Esq.; Secretary: Mr. H. S. Clubb.

Arrangements were then made for holding ten public meetings in the month of September. Five new members were enrolled.

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