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History of the New Zealand Vegetarian Societies

From the Dietetic Reformer and Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), August 1882, p181:

CHRISTCHURCH, N.Z. - Before leaving Christchurch I had the satisfaction of founding in that colony an association entitled the Canterbury Dietetic Reform Association, established 16th January, 1882, and of which my son is secretary. The number of members is small as yet; but this young offshoot may, I hope, become the stalwart oak, and so rescue multitudes from an untimely grave, for there is much sickness. I think I am within the mark when I say that more than two-thirds of the people are suffering in some degree from ill-health, while the rate of mortality among the children is very heavy. - H.S.

From the Vegetarian World Forum, Spring 1948:


On October 9th, the New Zealand Vegetarian Society and its Auckland Branch combined to hold a Vegetarian Dinner in Auckland to celebrate the successful establishment of the National Society as distinct from Branches. This dinner was also planned as an extension of the activities of World Week for Animals. The Society began its existence in Auckland in 1943, and now has Branches and Groups throughout the Dominiun. The membership of this flourishing young Movement, now in its fifth year, is approximately five hundred.

Some seventy-eight people partook of an excellent and tasty repast, from which the flesh of animals; birds and fish was completely excluded. Leaders in various altruistic Movements attended as guests. Miss E. Hunt, Mr. I. J. Duncan and Mr. Geoffrey Hodson (who is both National and Auckland Branch President) all gave inspiring addresses.

Miss Hunt expressed deep appreciation of the influence upon the people of New Zealand of the Vegetarian Movement. To abstain from meat eating, she stated, is to purify the blood stream and to cleanse the heart and mind, making them increasingly responsive to high ideals and spiritualising impulses.. This influence was not restricted to one country, but flows out to the whole world, for it is part of a worldwide Movement. Miss Hunt closed by quoting the aphorism: "Loving action is Divine Wisdom at work."

Mr. Duncan spoke of the great reduction, even to complete elimination, of the suffering of slaughtered animals achieved by the use of the Humane Killer. This instrument, the use of which is enforced by law in many countries, must be reintroduced into New Zealand, he stated.

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