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German Societies and IVU in the 1940s & 50s

From the Vegetarian World Forum, Spring 1948:

The above Society is working to establish large scale Settlements for vegetarians through Bodenwerk Ltd., and details of progress may be expected shortly.
The following conditions are necessary for recognizing a Settlement as corresponding with the views of V.U.:

  1. Fruit (including fruit with peels) will take first place in the self-supporting section so that a supply is guaranteed during the whole year.
  2. The cultivation of oil fruits, in particular of poppy and linseed, will take a predominant place.
  3. At the utmost, the following animals will be kept: bees, wool-sheep, also dogs if needed. Wool-sheep will not be used for the procuration of meat or milk, nor will they be killed. Dogs will only kept to protect and watch the place.
  4. In the case of faeces being used (liquid manure, etc.), this will only be done after having passed through the processes of fermentation and rotting.
  5. Stable manurewhich may possibly be available will only be used after having undergone a process of composting.
  6. Only the following kinds of commercial manure will be used: Thomas-ground manure, charbonic lime, naaki. Great use will be made of ground primitive stones (basalt, granite, etc.)
  7. Particular stress will be laid upon the supply of the soil with vegetable mould.
  8. No fruit will be subjected to alcoholic fermentation.
  9. The settler's household will use only vegetable products and honey. Fruit will take a predominant place. The consumption of uncooked food will be extended more and more.

The society is anxious to contact other countries where German vegetarians can establish themselves in communities.
W. F. ADOLF BRIEST, (20) Suttorf uber Dahlenburg, Land Niedersachsen, British Zone.

Extracts from reports of the 12th IVU Congress, at Oosterbeck, Netherlands, 11-17 July, 1950:

... Fourteen nationalities were present, and except for one speech in French, one in German and one in Swedish, English - though of all varieties - was spoken throughout. ...

Applications for Membership.
The following applications for membership of the International Vegetarian Union were confirmed: ... and after discussion of their respective claims, which complied with the rules of the I.V.U., the applications for admission from (3) The Vegetarian Catering Association (Gt. Britain), (4) The Vegetarian Union (Germanv)-(Secretary Mr. H. Rall, Schwarzwald) -were also accepted. The question arose as to the eligibility for membership of the Vegetarier Union Deutschland (V.U.D.) Although no application had been made for affiliation it was agreed that Mrs. A. Sorge, when in Germany, be asked to investigate and report upon this Society, and that if her report be favourable the V.U.D. should be accepted as a member on receipt of its official application. The hope was expressed that the various societies in Germany might ultimately unite into one union for purposes of I.V.U. representation.

Youth Camp.
A delightful and progressive feature of the Congress was the Youth Camp, which was attended by representatives from Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. So successful was this venture that it has been decided to hold an International Youth Camp, in Germany, during the Summer of 1951. A notice of this will be found in our advertisement columns.

Farewell Dinner.
... H. Rall (Germany), ... also spoke, and the representatives of the Youth Movement invited all vegetarians to join the Youth Camp to be held in Germany in 1951.

Meeting of the Executive Committee, October 22, 1950, in Manchester, England:

An application for affiliation to the I.V.U. was submitted from Dr. J.V.R. Ernst Waag on behalf of the Vegetarier-Union Deutschland.

Having regard to the favourable report submitted by Mrs.A.Sorge, following her investigations into the status of this Society, and the subsequent support of Mrs.Gasque, it was agreed to accept the V.U.D. (Vegetarier-Union Deutschland) as a member of the I.V.U.

It was also resolved to accept as a member of the Union, subject to compliance with the conditions of the I.V.U. the German Youth Ring, at present under the leadership of Jurgen W. Netzband, of Kronberg, (Ta....), Hessen.

A letter was read from Jurgen W. Netzband relative to the disunity among the various societies in Germany and suggesting a ballot among vegetarians throughout Germany.

In view of the recent truce betweenn the two pricipal German Societies and the unwisdom of I.V.U. interference in German domestic differences it was agreed to inform Mr.Netzband that the action he suggests would not be desirable.

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting July 17, 1951, in London, England:

The forthcoming meetings of the German Vegetarian Societies was discussed. It was agreed that Mr.Pedersen, Mr.Egerod & the Secretary attend, that they do not attempt to interfere in any way with the German domestic affairs but that they watch, advise & record.

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting April 10/11, 1952, near Haarlem, Holland:

It was stated that the Mazdaznan Sahambar(?) would be held in Stuttgart on August 2-9 & it was arranged that Mr Oluf Egerod should represent the IVU.

Notice was given of a German Public Health Week at Koblenz on May 31 - June 8, a function that German Vegetarians are interested in.

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting MAY 1st/2nd 1954 - PARIS, France

Apologies for absence were read from ... Mrs Ecker-Lauer ...

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting 30th June, 1956

Present: Frau E Ecker-Lauer Committee (Germany) ...

Organisation of German Congress 1958. The following were empowered to begin organising the German Congress on behalf of the IVU Committee - Frau E.Ecker-Lauer, Herr Rall and Herr Georg Hiller, all being officials of the I.V.U.

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting 27th September, 1957

... and Frau Ecker-Lauer both sent resignations from the Executive Committee which were noted with regret; and these were to be forwarded to the next full congress for acceptance.

It was unanimously agreed that the German Congress should be held in 1958 - the Jubilee year of the I.V.U. - if the German organization could make the necessary arrangements in time, as it was felt that it was a fine opportunity of making a stir to celebrate the 50th birthday of I.V.U. It was thought that Konstanz might be a suitable place; and the Secretary was asked to communicate immediately with the three organizers responsible for the German Congress. September was known as not being a convenient time for delegates and it was felt therefore that late July or early August was preferable.

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting on 9 May 1958

Mr Hiller reported the difficulties met with in organizing the German Congress. He was asked, as a Member of the IVU Executive Committee to take control of arrangements and book the necessary rooms as soon as possible.

Mr Hiller suggested that the Congress should open in Hannover with the business sessions lasting about tow days with a general excursion on the third. He very kindly places his establishment at the IVU disposal. The Congress would then move to Hamburg for the public sessions where there would be adequate publicity and big audiences. The Burgomaster of Hamburg had agreed to attend and the Youth Movement would join the activities.

It was suggested that programmes be printed in German, English, and French, but the speeches to be printed in both languages in advance.

It was agreed that only one official delegate from each country should report on that country's behalf.

Public lectures should cover Medicine, Health, Nutrition, Ethics and Religion. Germany, as host country, might have three speakers but only one from other countries chosen to provide a speaker. It was emphasized that the Congress should be self-supporting and fees scaled to meet all expenses.

1958 - The Vegetarian World Forum, July 1958, carried a complete list of IVU " Affiliated Societies - and others in association with the I.V.U." These included:
- Deutschland Vegetarier-Union, Herr Geo. Hiller, Blumenstrasse 3/4, Hanover, Germany
- Deutsche Vegetarier-Union, Dr. H. Th. K. Rall, 14b, Ebhausen, Postfach 8, Schwartzwald, Germany
- Deutsche Vegetarier-Zentrale, Herr Oswald Kiehne (L6), Sontra Hessen, Germany
- World Assoc. Reform Youth, Mr. J. Netzband, Kronberg (Taunus), or Niederhochstadt (Taunus), Germany
- Gesellschaft zur Forderung von Obstbausiedlungen, Herr A. Zinke, Postfach 24, Hamburg, Stellingen, Germany.
- Nazoraerordens, Dr. K. A. Skriver, 24, Prontsorf uber Bad Segeberg Holst, Germany
- Samariter Schwestern, Pastor Dr. Kaiser, 17bVolkerhausen/Baden uber Singen, Germany

From minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting on 10th May 1959

German Congress 1960
Mr Hiller reported progress in organizing the Congress and a tentative programme was agreed for publication. The Secretary was asked to circularize all vegetarian & health journals, UNESCO and international orgnaizations & press bureaux.