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History of The Vegetarian Society of the UK Ltd.

The Vegetarian Society of the UK Ltd. was created by a merger of The Vegetarian Society (1847-1969) and the London Vegetarian Society (1888-1969), and some smaller organisations, in 1969.

In 1888 the London group had broken away from the original society based in Manchester, and the newly merged societies were also based in Manchester, initially with a London office which closed in the 1980s, and is still generally known as 'The Vegetarian Society'. VSUK therefore traces its origins back to 1847 and considers itself to have been in continuous operation since that time, despite the name change.

In 1997 the Society celebrated its 150th anniversary and the following articles were all written at that time:

The following articles are all on the VSUK website, originating from various publications: Some individual members of the Society (including the London Society):

More recent World Vegetarian Congresses hosted by the Society:

Other related articles:

The Society today is at:

The Vegetarian Society UK

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