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The Ethics of Diet - A Catena
by Howard Williams M.A.

above: the front cover of the 1st edition reprint, c.1897.

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, with a foreword by Carol J. Adams:


for more extracts with the addition of 20th century philosophers see:


The original history of vegetarianism.

First appeared, from 1878, as a series of articles in The Dieteic Reformer and Vegetarian Messenger, the monthly journal of The Vegetarian Society.

First published in book format in 1883: London: F. Pitman, 20, Paternoster Row : John Heywood, 11, Paternoster Buildings. Manchester: John Heywood, Deansgate and Ridgefield.

Some time after 1887 the 1st edition was reprinted and an an appendix added.

1892 - Russian version with a Foreword by Tolstoy - his essay 'The First Step", see below.

Expanded and revised edition 1896, retitled: The Ethics of Diet, A Biographical History of the Literature of Human Dietetics, From the Earliest Period to the Present Day - this absorbed the appendix into the main body, added more people and removed a couple.

Abridged edition 1907. Modern reprint 1995 - see right.

There is no complete scan available, so the full text is being added here as a compilation of the two earlier editions, with some sections separated and rearranged in the correct chronological order (some were printed out of sequence in the original):

    Preface - from the first edition, 1883
    The First Step - by Leo Tolstoy, originally written as the preface to the Russian edition of 1892.

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  2. Sakya Muni/Siddartha/Buddha 590-510 (?) B.C. [added to 1896 edition - section in appendix of 1st edition]
  3. Pythagoras 570-470 B.C. (in Hierokles, Diogenes, Iamblichus, Porphyry and Cocchi) noticed and quoted. [extra section in appendix of 1st edition]
  4. Empedokles Circa 450, B C. [added to 1896 edition]
  5. Plato 428-347 B.C. Republic ii; Laws, quoted
  6. Asoka, Emperor of India 250 B.C. [added to 1896 edition]
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  9. Apollonius of Tyana c.3 B.C. - c.97 A.D. Life by Philostratus, quoted and referred to
  10. C. Rufus Musonius (1st Century A.D.) in Anthologion of Stobæus, quoted by Professor Mayor [from appendix in 1st edition]
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  13. The Early Christian Church
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  18. Christian and Western Literature 5th Century to 16th Century

    [separated as part 2 in 2nd edition:]
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From M. K. Gandhi : An Autobiography or The story of my experiments with truth:

[Part I. Chap. 15, refers to 1890 in London] My faith in vegetarianism grew on me from day to day. Salt's book whetted my appetite for dietetic studies. I went in for all books available on vegetarianism and read them. One of these, Howard Williams' The Ethics of Diet, was a 'biographical history of the literature of humane dietetics from the earliest period to the present day'. It tried to make out, that all philosophers and prophets from Pythagoras and Jesus down to those of the present age were vegetarians. [Gandhi wrote this 35 years later, in 1925, and his memory was a little confused, as Williams does not of course try to make any such claim, and makes no specific mention of Jesus at all. Gandhi accurately quotes the subtitle of the 2nd edition, but this was not published until 1896, so not the one he was reading in 1890! ]

[Part I. Chap. 19] I once went to Ventnor [on the Isle of Wight] with Sjt. Mazmudar. We stayed there with a vegetarian family. Mr. Howard [Williams], the author of The Ethics of Diet, was also staying at the same wateringplace. We [had] met him, and [had] he invited us to speak at a meeting for the promotion of vegetarianism. [This refers to May 1891 when Gandhi was a very nervous speaker at a national vegetarian conference in Portsmouth, he would have gone across to the Isle of Wight afterwards.]