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by Gloria Gasque

To write an article on Dr. Ha'nish is like tying to retain, within the limitations of the pen, the glory of the rose garden in June; the power of the seas in February; the majesty of the skies in December; the peace of the snow-covered countryside in January; the sublimity of the Himalayas - always! Only a few notations can be made, thereafter depending upon the developed faculties of the individual to understand not only what is written, but also what remains unsaid.

The "Master" (as Dr. Ha'nish was called by his appreciative students) was such a character as comes to the earth-bound at times of greatest need to point the way not only to spiritual freedom but likewise to mental unfoldment and physical release from all that hinders the expression into daily life of that perfection of which the Master Jesus spoke as being enshrined within the heart of every man and which is his heritage and birth-right. The teachings promulgated by the Master are basic and of permanent value; matters of the phenomenal were not dwelt upon, but, raffia, those things were expounded and contemplated which tended continuously to progress and prosper the appreciation of life and eternity as well as of the physical well-being of the individual.

Since the invariable thought of Master was upon eternal value, it is not generally known as to his place of birth for this span, although we have definite reason to believe that he was of direct descent from the pure and ancient stock of Iran from days previous to the invasion; it was undoubtedly in territory which was at one time under Iranian rule and probably in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea. We know, too, that the early childhood was spent in palatial environment.

It is said that, at the age of seven, Adepts from the Holy Community of Perfection in the Himalayas sought out the child, Otoman, and, with the consent of the parents, returned with him to the Community, that he might be taught and trained for his life's work as the Revelator, the Saviour for this Cycle - to bring in the new as the old is being withdrawn. In the Community, the child, the youth, was taught how to give proper attention to the natural requirements of the body that it would serve the mind and spirit to the fullest extent. Training and experience were given to all the activities relating to the needs of daily life, both for within the Community and for life out in the world; yet, when the Master came out into the world and saw the misery and suffering, he was stunned for some time.

He found the people not greatly interested in so doing that their miseries would be lessened, and at one time took to the care and healing of animals, as they seemed more appreciative and responsive. What a vast difference there must have been in the mind of this young man as to life out in the world as he found it and as he knew it should and could be! In the Community was given the key to the attainment of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It is this Teaching which the Master has brought to the Western world - the East has had it for a very long time. In accordance to the faithful application and practice of the Teachings, was it possible for the Master to guide and to lead forward the mind of the awakened into the paths of knowledge and of understanding.

Class work with the Master always began with the fundamental principles of breath, conscious breathing, as the medium of awakening the senses of the mind, in its twelve incoming avenues of awareness, that the objective world might reflect correctly to the comprehension. After about six weeks of the practise of rhythmic breathing-in-posture, the students were considered to have sufficiently illumined and to have sufficiently stirred the intelligence latent within their brain cells, that now the principles of diet for human advancement could be considered, grasped, and comprehended by them. This subject was not deeply gone into until the nuclear activity of the atomic side of the natural being of the student was stirred to a state of illumination through the breathing. From then on, the subject of not eating flesh was mentioned and clearly explained - making it obvious that nature had already provided the vulture, the hyena, the jackal for the purpose of scavengering. Those who were not already vegetarian (or, as Master preferably termed it, "varietarian") became so, as neither the body nor mind were longer able to accept that which is lifeless and which has lost its Spirit of Light. These lost all desire, also, for any habits of smoking or of alcoholic beverages through their practice of the simple breathing exercises.

At this time, Dr. Ha'nish most carefully taught the "why" and the "how" of diet, menu-making, food preparation, food care, and all relating to the subject. Frequent simple "banquets" were demonstrations to the students. From this great work of the Master there resulted through the length and breadth of America and Europe, vegetarian eating-places, dietitians, exercise and breathing-classes. At first, all these acknowledged the source of their inspiration and of their information, openly stating that Dr. Ha'nish had been their guide with his instruction and his powerful good thought and blessings. That was seventy or more years ago; but gradually it has been lost sight of as to whence came this great awakenment in the Western world, and now, thousands who are furthering one or another small phase of the Teachings, have truly lost sight of the thread of the heritage which is theirs.

It was in the autumn of 1935 that Master thanked all these (in his "Mazdaznan Magazine" published in Los Angeles) for the splendid work they were doing in carrying on and emphasising the countless and various phases of the complete and ancient Teachings which are of the Mazdaznan Science and Philosophy, thus bringing redemption to humanity. It is not expected that even the inspired student, dutiful and of pious mind, could teach every aspect of the eternal and crystal-clear Truth; it took a Master to cover every subject of life and eternity.

It would not be possible to enumerate the countless fine undertakings of to-day on all planes of life, which are directly attributable to the guidance, direction and protection of the blessed Master, The precious older students, who were drawn to the side of the Master during those first years of the great stir to life in the Western countries, well know the source of this inspiration and the details as to the beginnings of the better ways of daily life and of the higher teachings in general as to mind and spirit. All of us who appreciate this fact are thus enabled to give God-speed to every upward impulse and progressive work and instruction now being presented so generally throughout the world of to-day. Even at this time of the terrific death-struggle of that which ceases to be of value to the progress of human-kind, can we behold that a new consciousness of life is being fanned to a veritable flame.

There is, in the under-current, a positive movement into a higher rate of vibration than ever before, in the spiritual, mental, and even the physical revelations upon this planet. This, we are prone to term, "the spirit of the times," little realizing that this tremendous awakenment from the old unto the new has come as the result of this great world Teacher, Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish; just as there was a great stir to new life two thousand years ago, when, in the Near East, Jesus was here among men; and again, the quickening power of pure thought was experienced upon this planet when, in Iran, the illustrious Zarathushtra (called by the Greeks, "Zoroaster"), restored the long-forgotten Teachings of the One and only great God-of-Light in all and through all.

We found, then, the Master Ha'nish teaching, expounding, encouraging through all the media of science, nature and philosophy - instructing in the field of medicine and of surgery, of health and of hygiene, agriculture and forestry, music and song, literature and poetry, voice and pen, gems and jewels, metallurgy and geology, geography and oceanography, economics and true sociology, creation and evolution, astronomy and astrology - no subject relating to life and eternity was withheld. Yet, all was as a means to an end, that the Indwelling Divine Spark of Eternal Life might be recognized, revealed and in control of the thought, word and deed of every man in his daily life.

"Individuality" was taught and encouraged - not from the standpoint of greed (as those sick in mind have interpreted it amiss), but from the point of view of the individual recognizing himself as the Divine Son of God (as taught by the Master Jesus), and that the Kingdom of Heaven is - in reality - within. In this comprehension do we realize that we are the "born-brother" - on the eternal side - of every living thing, be it man, beast, plant, or drop of dew, for there is but one life, howsoever it may, for the time being, have been expressed. In this concept only can be understood the command, "Love thy neighbour as thyself." With this understanding, man cannot kill his fellow-man. With this basic understanding of life man cannot kill and eat that which is of his very own category, that of the animal kingdom, for, in so doing, does he retard progress - not only of himself, but, likewise, the progress of the entire human race - and just that long is retarded the coming to his consciousness of the Spirit of PEACE.

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