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  • Aims and Ideals - editorial
  • Letter from Bernard Shaw
  • G. Bernard Shaw - Arthur L. Rudd
  • A Healthy National Economy - Edgar J. Saxon
  • Vegetarianism - V. A. Holmes-Gore
  • The Dependence of Man Upon Trees - R. St. Barbe Baker, Founder of The Men of the Trees
  • On Making Muesli . . . - Fay Lancashire
  • wholemeal bread . . . - "
  • . . . and that daily salad - "
  • Horses and Antitoxic Serums - M. Beddow Bayly, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  • Organic Gardening - F. C. King, First article of a series by this well known compost gardener
  • Book Review - W. M. MunGavin : 'Lords of Life' by Derek Gilpin Barnes
  • from the Vegetarian Society Centenary article:

    An International Congress is to be held at Wycliffe College, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, from July 29th to August 5th, when each Society affiliated to The Vegetarian Society will be invited to send a representative. Delegates will be present from many countries.

    The Higher Laws of Health - M. Beatrice Burtt, F.B.B.A., L.L.S.B.
  • What Every Baby Needs - Sister Cooper, S.R.N
  • Compassion and Healing - E. M. Gordon Kemmis; author of "The Greater Works", "The Human Temple" etc.
  • Vegetarian Society Centenary
  • An Experiment in Vegetarian Diet - W. A. Sibly, J.P. Glos., M.A. Oxon.; Headmaster of Wycliffe College [also President of IVU and organiser of the July 1947 World Congress at Wycliffe]
  • How Nature Cures - P. J. Pitter, D.N.T., D.O.
  • Children's Portrait Gallery and Competition
  • A Vegetarian in the Army - D. A. Hill
  • Athletics - The Vegetarian Cycling Club
  • Caroline's Diet - by her mother
  • The Vegan Way of Life - Fay K. Henderson [secretary of The Vegan Society]
  • Some Interesting Vegan Cream Substitutes - from Vegan Recipes, by Fay K. Henderson
  • Bread Process Criticised - from The Daily Telegraph
  • Correspondence

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