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An Important Announcement

The International Vegetarian Union has appointed Mr. Geoffrey L. Rudd as Editor of an International News Service.

It is proposed that the societies of every nation should forward vegetarian news to him in English. This news will then be edited and condensed into about 1,500-2,000 words for re-distribution every three months.

Editors of vegetarian periodicals desiring this service, which is quite free and sponsored by the I.V.U. to encourage International co-operation, should communicate immediately with

The Editor
I.V.U. News Service
Exeter Lodge,
Exeter Road,
Bournemouth, England

Telephone and cables Bournemouth 2157

The three main English magazines will give the report while the Swedish, Danish and Dutch editors have agreed to give translations in their productions.





  • Editorial
  • Dr. Ha'nish - Arthur L. Rudd
  • "Master" - Gloria Gasque, of the Mazdanan Movement [future benefactor and President of IVU]
  • Glands, according to the Mazdanan scientific teaching - Dr. Jessie Anthony
  • Redemption - Marion Reid
  • Bournemouth Health Week, B.V.S. Exhibit
  • Humaneness, an assurance of health & happiness - Geoffrey Hodson, President New Zealand Vegetarian Society
  • A Dream - Antony Bates
  • Fruits of Genius, Bechamp - McDonagh - M. Beddow Bayly, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  • The Simple Life - Dugald Semple
  • Health and Disease - Dr. Cyril Pink, of Stonefield Maternity Home
  • Christmas Fare - Fay Lancashire
  • Natural Therapy, with special reference to the nature cure and anti-vivisection clinic - N. Hosali
  • Vegan Values - Fay K. Henderson "The Vegan Society . . . has recently joined the International Vegetarian Union"
  • Spiritual Healing - Olive Mary Hughes
  • Unity - Elsie B. Shrigley, of Croydon Vegetarian Society ". . . two [vegetarian] societies calling themselves national and claiming to speak for British vegetarians at the recent International Vegetarian Congress."
  • Astrology in realtion to health - William F. Kirk
  • Organic Gardening - F. C. King
  • Overseas News : Rangoon : Auckland N.Z. : Stockholm
  • Nicotine and its effects on the human body - P. J. Pitter, D.N.T., D.O.
  • Picture Gallery
  • Correspondence


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