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No. 3 Vol. 2 - THE VEGETARIAN - AUTUMN 1948 pp.29-30:

Geoffrey Hodson

The immediate task before all human individuals and Humanitarian Societies is abundantly clear. Would that the numbers of both were multiplied a thousand-fold! For the task is well nigh impossible of fulfilment by the present hard-working and honoured few, Humanity must be -led towards humaneness.

The need is most urgent. A deep disharmony exists, and is being continually deepened. Horrid discord reigns on earth, despite the cessation of war between man and man. Millions of human beings and many more millions of animals have suffered, now suffer, and inevitably will suffer and die unnecessarily, in great pain and at tremendous financial cost. A state of emergency exists, as world statistics of premature mortality, disease, famine and "accident" unmistakably demonstrate. Blood-guilt and blood-stain must be removed from the conscience, soul and life of man. As long as cruelty persists, spiritual progress is retarded activity hampered and every reform delayed by man-created obstacles.

The first easy, practicable step towards good health is, I have come to believe, the adoption of a meat-free dietary. Three reasons advanced for a well-chosen vegetarian diet. Physically, it meets every bodily need, is indicated by anatomy and does not poison the body. Morally, it is humane and free from blood-guilt. Spiritually, being humane, it is in harmony with the fact of the Unity of Life and the Law of Universal Love. A fourth reason is that from the results of the denial of this fact and the breaking of this Law there can be no evasion, no permanent scientific self-protection. There are no fact-raid shelters. Neither are there any law-raid shelters. The whole vast product of the modern world's pharmacopoeia and medical practice cannot avail to protect mankind from the results of the violation of the law of life, the law of love, the very law of being. The prevalent ill-health of modern man demonstrates this conclusively. The greatly improved health in the war period of the people of Britain, despite war strain, on a diet in which the consumption of meat was greatly reduced, demonstrates the harm done by meat-eating.

In conclusion, I repeat that humaneness, which is obedience to the law of love, in thought, feeling, word and deed is the only way to enduring good physical health.


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