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THE VEGETARIAN No. 3 Vol. 3 - AUTUMN 1949 p.9

The Vegetarian No. 3. Vol. 3. Autumn 1949

While this issue of The Vegetarian is still being distributed the Editor will be taking part in an historic Convention, the First Vegetarian Convention on American soil, and the eyes of the vegetarian world will be turned hopefully towards Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where our fellow idealists in the United States will be laying the foundations of a nation-wide organisation to foster the Way of Life we hold so dear and which we know is the only one capable of guiding the world to peace and international harmony.

In England the vegetarian movement has grown without conscious direction from a centre, like Topsy it has "just growed"; and during its hundred odd years of existence has had time to crystallize, acquire a conservative habit of thought and even throw off a delicate hybrid, homo sapiens veganii, as yet a tender sapling, but one which points the way to the next evolutionary step in our eating habits.

In America there is a wonderful opportunity to arrange things in the light of the experience of others and in an orderly and efficient manner. The old world, having pioneered the way through an age of great spiritual darkness and through conditions inimical to spiritual progress, need feel no shame on being shown how to organise by the new world and will surely be stimulated to put its own house in order.

Geoffrey L. Rudd


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