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THE VEGETARIAN No. 4 Vol. 3 - WINTER 1949 pp53-54:


INFORMATION from all quarters of the Association stresses the urgent need of vegetarian cooks. Undoubtedly, our ultimate aim should be a permanent School of Vegetarian Catering and Cookery, but, under the prevailing national conditions, the initial outlay on premises, equipment and the maintenance for some years, of a project which would be creditable to the Vegetarian Movement, would be very costly, and of necessity, result in fees prohibitive to many.

In any case, it would take a considerable period to establish, and be of no immediate benefit to members in the interim. The following proposal, making use of present premises, equipment and teachers was, therefore, laid before the Conference, November 18th-2lst, as an experiment to be tried out during 1950.


  1. That the Association organise Holiday Courses for Catering Students during 1950. Such courses to be held in four Guest Houses in different parts of the country, in the early spring, and/or the late autumn ; to be under the supervision of teachers approved by the Association, and priority given to those who desire to make vegetarian guest house, Nature cure establishments or restaurant work a career.

    (It was suggested that financial arrangements be the business of the proprietors and teachers, with a small percentage to the Association, as reimbursement for advertising)- Three houses for suitable kitchen premises have already volunteered.

  2. Co-operation in the scheme be invited from members who are willing to take single cookery students into their houses; such students to receive intensive cookery tuition from the proprietor for one month in the spring, on condition that they remain with the same proprietor during the season as improvers. The arrangements to be made a proper Contract, with due regard to the provision laid down by the Wages Councils and Boards for trainees.
    Two members had already tentatively offered to co-operate.

It is recognised that the experiment would fall into two parts.

  1. The response of individuals ready to take advantage of the scheme. This is an unknown quantity, to be discovered by good, wide-spread advertising.

  2. The provision of premises and teachers. It is up to the women of the Association to make the necessary effort to achieve the success of this, and the Association by good organisation to prevent that effort becoming a burden.


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