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THE VEGETARIAN - No.4 Vol.4 - WINTER 1950 p.11


Bad Liehenzell, Black Forest: About 80 vegetarians from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and England had come to the German Vegetarian Congress. They found a plentiful , well-divided programme, excellent vegetarian food, and a high spirit of fraternisation among the V.U. members which made grow less any possibly existing doubt, and inflamed an enthusiam for the V.U. and the lovely spot of Bad Liehenzell. Indeed it was a good deal the V.U. had to offer.

Friday night, September 15th, the congress was opened by an evening to welcome the guests. A report about the I.V.U. Congress in Oosterbeck, a longer speech held by Mrs. Trautsch, a lot of brief speeches by several members filled the hours. On Saturday, September 16th, the managing committee of the V.U. and the other for the public Press. At 10.30 h. Gustav Rost held alecture about "Esoteric Vegetarianism" which struck the audience very much and gave rich wine to evrybody. At 13.00 h. the ordinary general meeting was started, which at the end became an excessive profession of faith to the managing committee and leader. After a short break the extraordinary meeting ratified the joining of the I.V.U.

At 18.30 h. the famous artist Johanna Egli, German song master, sang songs by Beethoven, Schubert, Helmstetter, etc., accompanied by F. Lutz, in the great hall of the watering house. Saturday night Gustav Rost held a lecture about the "Gralskelch." This select arrangement was surrounded by Otto Dehne's playing on the piano and common vegetarian songs. That evening was so attractive that it lasted long until the last guests left.

Sunday morning, Dr. h.c. Werner Zimmermann showed in a lantern lecture 150 coloured pictures from his journey to America, Japan, India and Egypt, from vegetarians in all parts of the world, among them persons of the vegetarian movement, as Kaj Dessau, etc. He gained excited applause by the numerous listeners. After dinner Sigfrid Hermann told how he lived in the years of maturity and demonstrated the mystery of remaining young and healthy by some right and false gymnastics. An excursion to the famous ruin of the convent of Hirsau and a farewell party closed the day. The speech of Dr. Erich Ehrmann, Vienna, about the work of the vegetarian physicians may be mentioned as most remarkable.

The convention was finished by a long daily bus excursion, through the loveliest spots of the Black Forest, which became a deep personal experience to all members who took part in it.

Helmut Th. K. Rall, Ebhausen/Wurtt

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