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No. 3 Vol. X - AUTUMN 1956 p.48:


A Cookery and Dietetic Course has been arranged at Towerleaze, Bristol, on December 1st to 8th, 1956. The Lecturer and Demonstrator will be Mrs. Isabel James, B.A., and other lectures will be given by Dr. Cyril V. Pink and Mr. W. S. James, M.Sc.

The programme is as follows:

  • Saturday, Dec. lst - 6.30 p.m., Opening Dinner.
  • Sunday, Dec. 2nd - 10 a.m., Lecture: “The Basis of Nutrition “; 7.45 p.m., Talk on “Nature Cure in the Kitchen,” by Dr.
    Cyril Pink.
  • Monday, Dec. 3rd - 10 a.m., Lecture: “Proteins “; 3 p.m., Demonstration; 7.45 p.m., Coloured Slides.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 4th -10 a.m., Lecture: “Carbohydrates and Fats “; 3 p.m., Demonstration; 7.45 p.m., Discussion and Questions.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 5th - 10 a.m., Lecture: “Fruits, Vegetables and Salads “; 3 p.m., Tea at Ridgewood House (by invitation of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Elliot); 7.45 p.m., Demonstration.
  • Thursday, Dec. 6th - l0 a.m., Lecture: “The Principle of Vitamins and Mineral Salts and their functions,” by Mr. W. S. James, M.Sc.; 3 p.m., Demonstration; 7.45 p.m., Theatre Party.
  • Friday, Dec. 7th - 10 a.m., Lecture: “Meal Planning “; 3 p.m., Practical Session for Students; 7.45 p.m., Brains Trust.
  • Saturday, Dec. 8th—Departures.

FEES - Tuition Fees, £2/2/- for full courses. Reduced house charges to Students: Single Room 9 gns. (week), Double Room 8 gns. (week), Dormitory 7 gns. (week). Charges for other Students: Single sessions 3 / 6d. each.

Apply to Mrs. D. B. Elliot, Towerleaze, Knoll Hill, Stoke Bishop, Bristol 9.

The V.C.A. is prepared to arrange staff training for those considering vegetarian catering as a career. Further information from the Hon. Secretary, V.C.A.. Rothay Banks Grasmere, Westmorland,


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