Why Join and Support IVU?

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- be a part of the global vegetarian movement

- promote communication and cooperation among veg organisations.

- support the IVU World Vegfest, which we try to hold every year.

Types of Members Societies

Three ways you can help:
  1. Encourage organisations you work with to join IVU. It is free.
  2. Donate to IVU
  3. Share information from IVU media, such as [here we can have clickable links to FBs, the newsletter, etc.

The easiest way to pay is online by credit/debit card - use one of these options:

Full Member Society - open to any non-profit group whose primary purpose is to promote vegetarianism/veganism.

Benefits: Vote in IVU affairs. Publicity and links on the IVU website.

Associate Member Society - open to any non-profit organisation which advocates vegetarianism/veganism. This could include groups primarily concerned with Animal Rights, Health, Environment, Religion, etc.Publicity and links on the IVU website.

General enquiries about IVU members or supporters issues - including any updates about change of address/email etc - should be addressed to xxx (in English please)

If your society is a Member or Associate Member of IVU, please display the logo on your main index page, Facebook page, etc. and use it as a link to: - mentioning, in your own language, that you are a Member or Associate Member.

Here are some Variations on the IVU Logo - choose one to suit your page.

>> Click here to register your organization for free! <<

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