IVU Chair - Susianto Tseng

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Dr-Susianto-TsengIt's hard not to become vegetarian once you've met vegan expert Susianto.

First, the 43-year-old coordinator for the International Vegetarian Union in Asia Pacific will take you through mountains of scientific data from reputable institutions that shows vegetarianism is good for your health.

Second, having spent half his life as a vegetarian, Susianto is the living proof that eating plants and not meat does wonders to your body and appearance.

Indeed, when The Jakarta Post met Susianto recently, his skin was healthy and bright, and he looked younger than his age.

The man, who just received a doctorate from the University of Indonesia for his research on Tempeh, has been a vegetarian for 23 years. He stopped eating meat while he was studying for a bachelor degree in Yogyakarta, majoring in Chemistry at the University of Gadjah Mada.

"I became vegetarian in my second year of college. At that time, I had carried out some analysis on food and discovered many toxic substances in meat," Susianto said.

Being a vegetarian can prolong your life, he went on.

"Look at what happens to the vegans of Hunza in Pakistan, who live on average more than 100 years, compared to Eskimos whose life expectancy is much shorter because they eat meat every day," Susianto explained.

IVU West Asia and Middle East

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IVU Representative: West Asia
(Middle East and Near East):
Sandhya Prakash - Dubai, UAE

Some IVU friends in West Asia :
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IVU India and South Asia

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IVU Representative:
India/South Asia
- C.K.Ashok Kumar.


Ashok (India)

The 42nd IVU World Vegfest earlier scheduled to hold in Africa will now take place in Dubai & India.This became necessary because of the outbreak of the Ebola disease in W/Africa. Click here to have more information and register.
India International Vegan Festival

September 27-29, 2013

E-INN Vegetarian Hotel -
Bangalore, IndiaWe make Business A Healthy Affair - IVU Supporter

happycowHappyCow Asia - Veg Restaurants & Health Food Stores - IVU Supporter

Some IVU friends in South Asia / India:

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India & SW Asia Veg Congress, Bangalore, India - Oct/Nov 2010, photos on IVU Facebook

11th International Vegan Festival, India 2007

beach5t37th IVU World Veg Congress, Goa, India 2006

right: beach sunset at Goa

IVU Manager in Mumbai & Gujarat, 2004 Photos on IVU facebook

1st Asian Veg Congress, Goa, India 2001

Earlier Veg History:
History of India/South Asia Veg Societies
Asia and Pacific up to 1900 Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka
Ancient India and The East - (800 BCE - 232BCE) - Hinduism, Jainism, Zoroaster, Buddhism and more

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