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From the Editor's Desk

[Paul Turner]
Paul Turner

Mad science or corporate greed? That is a question being asked by a growing band of skeptics (concerned consumers) who point to glaring oversights in so-called 'scientific breakthroughs'.

A case in point, and arguably the ugliest of them all, is the new breed of genetically engineered or modified foods that are literally 'sneaking' into the isles of every food market of the world, totally untested for their long-term effect on humans, and unlabeled because most governments do not require it!

Equally concerned independent scientists (who do not recieve money from companies researching, creating or selling these genetically-manipulated crops and food ingredients) are calling for a moratorium on genetically-manipulated food ingredients and long-term independent human studies lasting many years before these foods are allowed for sale on the market. For the moment, however, those calls are falling on deaf ears.

It is issues like these that call into question the very sanity, intelligence and liability of big business. Should we allow this gross exploitation of our planet and humanity by a few selfish "human animals"? I would think that most people would cry a strong "No!". Then I must say: "It is now time to speak out!"

- The Editor

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