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Marzo 2000
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From the Editor's Desk

[Paul Turner]
Paul Turner

The Millennium doesn't really begin until 2001 but let's pretend like everyone else that the new Millennium began on January 1st, 2000. When you stop to think about it, it is just another date, but there's something magical about moving into a new year, what to speak of a new Millennium. Like the "human animals" we are, we tend to stay within our "pack" and rarely venture out into the unknown. However, why not be a little more daring this year and move outside of our comfortable social circles. Who knows, we may find a new undiscovered field of fresh food, develop a life-changing relationship, or even touch someone's life! Are you ready for a bright new future?

The new IVU Congress logo on the cover symbolizes a vision of a brighter future, a vegetarian future, a new dawn, a new beginning. The youth holding this "future" in their hands is offering this vision to those who will accept it. Are you willing to take the challenge and accept it?

- The Editor

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