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Albert Broadbent
International co-ordinator of the 1st World Vegetarian Congress, 1908
Member of the provisional IVU Committee, 1908-1909
Organiser of the 1909 IVU Congress
Member of the Congress Organising Committee, 1910

Mr. Broadbent and his vegetarian family, photographed in 1895 when he became the Secretary of the Vegetarian Society, based in Manchester.

Albert Broadbent became the Secretary of the Vegetarian Society (Manchester) in 1895. He had already been actively involved, for at least two years, with the Vegetarian Federal Union which was attempting to bring all vegetarian societies together. He is recorded as having attended all VFU meetings from 1893, in several parts of the UK, and was present in Liverpool to see off the delegates to the International Vegetarian Congress in Chicago, in July 1893, and there again to welcome them home.

The report of the VFU AGM in London, February 1896, shows that Mr. Broadbent was present and participated in discussions, then again at the Autumn meeting in Bristol. He then gave a talk at the 1897 International Vegetarian Congress, held in London, and wrote the report of the event for his Society's magazine.

In 1901 the Continental European Vegetarian Societies found themselves at odds with the London-based VFU and the Vegetarian Society (Manchester) supported the Europeans. By 1904 the VFU had almost faded away, and Mr. Broadbent was one of the delegates from The Vegetarian Society (Manchester) to the Vegetarian Congress in St. Louis, USA and again he wrote the report for their magazine.

The Annual Meeting of The Vegetarian Society (Manchester) in 1907 was the 60th anniversary and international guests were invited as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The Deputy President of the French Vegetarian Society proposed that a new international organisation should be formed and invited the 'mother society' to take the lead. Mr Broadbent rose to the challenge and contacted all known vegetarian societies around the world, arranging with the Dresden Vegetarian Society, Germany, to meet in their city the following August. The suggestion for the location almost certainly came from Mr J.A.Gill, secretary of the Friends Vegetarian Society as he was an Esperantist and the International Esperantist Congress was being held in Dresden at that time. Many of the esperantists were also vegetarians so they got two congresses for one trip.

Albert Broadbent died, following a short illness, in January 1912 whilst he was still Secretary of the Vegetarian Society.

Both the following have further comments about Mr. Broadbent's earlier years with as the Vegetarian Society Secretary. Many detailed obituaries were printed in the Vegetarian Messenger and may be added here later.

In 1969 the Vegetarian Society (Manchester) merged with the London Vegetarian Society (which had been the prime mover behind the VFU in 1890s) to become the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom

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